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Date/Time: 10/05/2004 12:00 am

Dear everybody,
I am writing to initiate an unconventional residency program at my home in
Los Angeles. My interest is in project oriented collaboration, the laws of
which will be determined by the resident and myself in question upon our
first communiqué.
The framework for each project will be influenced but not limited to our
experiment, such that it shall be attentive to our quick intimacy, the
politics in sharing- monies, skills, homes, friends, resources, ideas.
conceptual consistency. the dynamic unfolds.
To the people of works,
I intend to do this for the rest of my life, but for now, I offer you the
middle of the block in Koreatown. My bright fresh house is in the east,
between many things, and not close to the ocean. As for the details. I will
offer you a bicycle that I built myself, a key to our apartment, and
probably a grandma¹s yellow brocade sofa (unless you are friendly or we
really like each otherŠ) Food we will share. Facilities I will have. I do
believe the duration to be approximately a week, which is negotiable
depending on our project.
A little about myself. I like ³Gay Power², adult diapers, dance marathons,
text, and textiles. I¹m a little performative, write small quandaries, make
a collaborative queer feminist art journal called LTTR.
I will take our picture.
I encourage Œstrangers¹ to apply.
Please send me information about yourself (stories, videos, pictures,
Examples of your work, intellectual commitments, and experience with arts.
And your reasons for wanting to come (be honest).
I look forward to it.
emily roysdon
198 south Catalina st.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
PLEASE circulate proposition
(dated April 21, 2004)