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Date/Time: 12/07/2004 12:00 am

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In 2005 club transmediale will take place from Feb 4th – Feb 12th, while
transmediale runs from Feb 4th – Feb 8th. Here is our annual joint Call for
:: transmediale.05 Award
:: transmediale.05 & club transmediale.05 Call for Entries
:: Deadline: 15. September 2004
You will find the complete call for download at:


transmediale, international media art festival berlin, invites submissions
for its Award Competition. The competition highlights outstanding
contemporary artistic positions in digital media art. The international
jury will award one main prize of EUR 4.000, and two second prizes of EUR
2.000 each.
It seems impossible to define either the ‘core’ or the ‘borders’ of what
constitutes electronic or digital media art. However, the main concern of
transmediale is the vector field in which artistic practices and new
technologies intersect, and where they articulate their social and cultural
meanings. As a festival for media art and digital culture, transmediale
presents advanced positions in the artistic reflection about the
socio-cultural impact of new technologies. It seeks out artistic practices
that not only respond to scientific developments, but that try to shape the
way in which we think about and experience these technologies. transmediale
understands media technologies as cultural techniques which need to be
embraced in order to be able to understand, critique, and shape our
contemporary society.
There are many ways for artists to explore the relation between art and
technology. What is important for transmediale, though, is that the
artistic practices do not only make use of technologies, but that they also
imply a reflection about the aesthetic, cultural and social dimensions of
such technological developments. What the festival and its competition try
to convey is an understanding of media art as a sounding board and catalyst
for a critical and creative expansion of the potential of human agency
through new
While during the last years, the transmediale competition had three
separate categories (Image, Interaction, Software), we are this year
responding to various discussions by abolishing the separation into these
categories. This move forms part of a general debate about the definitions
and limits of ‘electronic’, ‘digital’, or ‘media’ art, and we hope that
opening up the terrain of the competition will help to re-evaluate the
connection between art and media technologies.
We invite the submission of works and projects that respond to this
challenge. We remain interested in works that expand our understanding of
interactivity, of digital image aesthetics, of narrative and, in
particular, the cultural significance of software and computer programming
as cultural techniques. However, we are also curious to see the submission
of works outside of these areas, works that encourage us to reconsider the
traditional boundaries defining artistic practice, and works which can make
a strong argument for the crucial role that new technologies should play in
our perception and projection of a contemporary global culture.
:: Jury of the transmediale.05 award:
Valie Export (Cologne/Germany)
Masaki Fujihata (Tokyo/Japan)
Amanda McDonald-Crowley (Australia/currently Finland)
Gunalan Nadarajan (Singapore)
Christiane Paul (New York/USA)
:: club transmediale
club transmediale is the media art festivalĀ“s independent platform for new
forms of digital music and media art in the context of sound- and club
culture. Its aim is to present outstanding productions in digital music,
audiovisual performance and installation, as well as to discuss recent
artistic and technical developments. club transmediale presents productions
that explore performative concepts and the interaction between different
media formats – especially image and sound – in an experimental manner.
It encourages the crossover of institutional, academic and subcultural
contexts. club transmediale reflects on the role of contemporary music
culture as a changing agent for the present society.
club transmediale invites the submission of works and projects in the fields
of electronic and digital music, audio-visual performance, soundart,
installation, video-performance/VJ-ing, club design, music-video-clips.
club transmediale is a project of club transmediale GbR.
transmediale is hosted by Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH in cooperation
with Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Supported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

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