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Date/Time: 21/04/2004 12:00 am

Video Artists-Curators * Video Artists-Curators * Video
this season we will not be accepting individual tape / only
artist-curated episodes
we want every participating (artist-curator) to create their own brand
of SnackOnArt episode forTV broadcast …
serious experimental video artists can now curate actual episodes for
SnackOnArt / experimental video art TV (since 1997) . presentation will
not be re-edited or tempered with, each episodes will be exhibited on
the air as the curator/ artist final cut.
the works exhibited must be artistically innovative. curated episodes
will be selected on the basis of the originality of the works, in
relation to new presentation formats. (express yur self)
each episode must include five or more work by different artis. = 1
episode …. total length: 28 min.
select artists in your community whom you feel are good & innovative
enough to show next to your own work. from your collection create as
many episodes as you want. 5 minutes max per video.
ceate your own logo interpretation on snackonart.
visit our website for application / guidelines
http://www.snackonart.org Ö.is a free
artists network service