Materialising post autonomy

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Date/Time: 24/11/2008 12:00 am

The space of postautonomy, Your space, VanAbbemuseum
Materialising post autonomy no. 4
Pt 1 On line debates – November – end of December
These debates will take place each Monday between 8 – 10pm
What spaces are available to construct a new model of art?
Tonight’s discussion will focus on the Chat room and a Zone beyond a Euro-centric tradition of art.
This allows the possibility of rethinking the role of contemporary art in a global context, through developing Robert Smithsons concept of non-sites to develop new spaces.
This is part of a thought experiment where we look at imagining the end of the existing model of art and the construction of another model of art.
What thinking, representations, new spaces and set of ideas do we need to raise in order to be able
to put ourselves in the position to set about thinking through the process of constructing a new model?
Is there room to be able to make changes in art and if there is who has the right and the capacity to suggest, formulate and carry out these changes?
Linked to these issue’s are the complex configuration of issues surrounding the question of what constitutes a public, what are public spaces and who has access to knowledge to acquire an informed opinion about the field of contemporary art in a Global context, and locating visible signs of Globalisation. The issues amounts to asking the broader question “How autonomous are you?”
How useful is the set of arguments framed and formulated within the historical moment of the Secular/Enlightenment, which also brought about the existence of Art as it is currently understood and used , still useful to framing and thinking about art now? Or do we need to locate different thinking? The goal of the project of Post Autonomy sets out to question and find solutions to these complex issues.
The material generated by the debates will be used to develop a script for a vocal work to be staged in your space.
All the debates take place in the post autonomy website chat room. If you want to take part in the debates you will need to enter a user name, request a password and answer a question asked by Captcha. Then locate the chatroom where the dabates will take. Please note the browser you use may prevent access to the site.