Max Protech — visual culture, terrorism and the media

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Date/Time: 28/05/2003 12:00 am

visual culture, terrorism and the media
A panel discussion on the occasion of
at Max Protetch Gallery 511 W 22nd St
Wednesday, May 28 6:30 pm
free admission
Ziga Kariz, artist, Slovenian Pavilion, 2003 Venice Biennale
Jill Magid, artist, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
Marcel Stefancic Jr., critic and media theorist, Ljubljana
Igor Zabel, Curator of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana Museum of Modern Art
Timothy Druckrey, new media theorist, New York
moderated by Katherine Carl, curator and writer, New York
For his exhibition at the Slovenian Pavilion at the 2003 Venice Biennale,
Ljubljana-based artist Ziga Kariz has developed a new phase of TERROR=DECOR,
his ongoing investigation into the cultural zone where painting meets
surveillance technology, terrorism, and cinema. By outfitting his paintings
with digital cameras, distributing them throughout private homes in Venice,
and using the Slovenian pavilion as a site for surveillance monitoring,
Kari? destabilizes the traditional roles played by artists, viewers, and
How does the painter-painting-viewer relationship change in a world whose
visual culture is dominated by rapid exchange of information through the
media and the constant possibility of terrorist activity? In what way is the
viewer of a painting directly implicated in the larger cultural discourse, a
discourse that extends beyond the art world and into the realm of global
capital and violence?
The panel discussion at Max Protetch on May 28 will address these issues, as
they exist in both Kariz’s work and the art world at large.
For further information, please call 212.633.6999.