McKenzie Wark — 50 Years of Recuperation: The Situationist International 1957-1972

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Date/Time: 11/12/2008 12:00 am

Thursday Night 12.11.08 — McKenzie Wark — Talk/Discussion
50 Years of Recuperation: The Situationist International 1957-1972
1. About this Monday Night
2. About McKenzie Wark



1. About this Monday Night
What: presentation / discussion
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 4th floor (directions below)
When: Thursday Night 12.11.08 @ 7:15 PM
Who: Open To All
The Situationist International (1957-1972) bequeathed many key concepts to us, including psychogeography, the dérive, unitary urbanism, and of course the society of the spectacle. It also spawned at least one major work of critical and utopian architecture in Constant’s New Babylon. But rather than treat these as seductive historical curiosities, or as precursors to more “acceptable” notions, McKenzie Wark asks what might survive the recuperation of the Situationists and act as pointers to new practices. Rather than attempting to make an unbearable totality “sustainable,” perhaps we might pick up the thread of those who dared to negate this world as a whole and imagine it anew.
2. About McKenzie Wark
McKenzie Wark is the author of A Hacker Manifesto, published in English by Harvard UP, in Italian by Feltrinelli and in German by C H Beck. His other books include Dispositions (Salt books) and the award winning Virtual Geography (Indiana UP). He was a co-editor of the nettime anthology Readme! (Autonomedia) He teaches media and cultural studies at Lang College and the Graduate Faculty at New School University.



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