Monday Night — 02.20.06 — Trevor Paglen — Tracking the CIA’s Torture Planes

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Date/Time: 20/02/2006 12:00 am

Monday Night — 02.20.06 — Trevor Paglen — Tracking the CIA’s Torture Planes
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February 20, 2006
@ 16 Beaver
Tracking the CIA’s Torture Planes
Trevor Paglen
In order to sidestep international laws against torture, the CIA currently uses a fleet of unmarked airplanes to kidnap, “render,” and “disappear” suspected terrorists. The CIA takes these people to a clandestine network of prisons in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Poland, and Romania: places where they can be tortured.
Because the CIA uses civilian (rather than military) aircraft for these “black” operations, they leave a publicly-accessible trail of flight logs, registration papers, and other legal documents. These paper trails are filled with forgeries, lies, and cover-stories, but nevertheless contain important clues as to who the “real” people behind these operations and unmarked planes might be.
One of these planes is a Boeing 737. Its tail number is N4467S. It is the property of a company called “Keeler and Tate Management,” incorporated by a man named “Tyler Edward Tate.” Mr. Tate does not exist.
Over the course of this presentation, we will navigate through the fog of misinformation surrounding Mr. Tate. We will visit the street addresses of his front companies, observe the airfields that his unmarked plane frequents, and introduce ourselves to some of the flesh-and-blood individuals who may have penned his name.

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