Monday Night 06.20.05 — five-minutes-and-under video night – round II, ding ding!

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Date/Time: 20/06/2005 12:00 am

Monday Night 06.20.05 — five-minutes-and-under video night – round II, ding ding!
1. About this Monday Night
2. explanation optional
3. explanation necessary
4. Participants
5. foodinner!
6. note on formats
7. Participants in round I, ding !
1. About this Monday Night
What: five-minutes-and-under video night – round II, ding ding!
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 4th floor (directions below)
When: Monday Night 06.20.05 @ 7:30 Pm
Who: Open To All
ding ding! since many of us were tickled-pink-on-cloud-nine last time!
Join an improvisational screening of the work of everyone who shows up! Feel free to bring clips of your own video work, films made by you and/or by someone else, that you find really compelling for any number of reasons (old, new, finished, -in-progress, musical, narrative, silent, etcetera).
Please pick out a few segments under 5 minutes in duration to show the assembled crowds. we’ll go around and around, loose format, showing clips.
Feel free in the course of the evening to come forward if you think your clip(s) would follow nicely from what has just been shown.
2. explanation optional
before the screening of your clip(s), a few short remarks about the work you’re showing would be lovely, but is not required.
3. explanation necessary
please send us after the event the title, duration, year, and a short description of the work, so we can add it to the online version of the email later.
Send the info to
also if you showed in round 1 send the same info for what you have shown see #7 below
4. Participants
Any Everyone and Everybody!
All of Us!
5. why not eat!
We’ll have an informal dinner while we watch, please bring something we can eat, together, like your favorite dish, or something to drink…
minimizing through-away foils-papers-and-plastic plates and so forth is very much appreciated.
6. note on formats
Please bring work on NTSC DVD format, NTSC VHS or alternately bring the device that can play your work, and the necessary connector cables to the video projector
7. Participants in round I, ding !
round I took place on Friday Night April 20th 2005.
please send your participation of that evening (if you haven’t done so) to be added to the online version of the email.
everytime (at)16beavergroup.org
participants in the order of email sent, more or less…
7.1 benj gerdes
5 minute excerpt from
“Gap on the Inside: What Young People Should Know About the Racial Digital Divide”
2001 or 2005, 22min
7.2 Yokü (Yomango Küche)
Yomango (2004)
via Paul Banister
my video was a documentation of a project called “Occupation” from April 1999. The video is approximately 35 minutes long and the short description of it is: “Video documenting one in a series of public tours of personal spaces in New Haven, Connecticut guided by Prem Krishnamurthy.”
7.4 Shelly Silver
4 :00, 1990
“Even as the text instructs us otherwise, it is impossible not to read We’s two images – that is, to respond to their symbolic quality, their suggestiveness. In a stream of associations, the rhythmic flow of people on the left becomes an ejaculation while the rhythmic hand on the right marks detachment, self-centeredness. Simultaneously, we may say to ourselves, “Yes, it is only a crowd of anonymous people. It is only a penis.”
But even as we attempt to discipline our interpretative urges, the hermeneutic created by this simple juxtaposition is driving us crazy with questions: Who is he? Why is he alone? Does he have a lover…? Does everyone in this crowd masturbate? Do they seek isolation from the mass? Are they aware of one another? Are they relational in less-populated situations? Why was this private image made public? Why is this image private…? Chris Straayer, Deviant Eyes, Deviant Bodies, Sexual Orientation in Film and Video, Columbia University Press, 1996
A short, graphically dynamic work contrasting contradictory views of perception and interpretation, by way of society’s assumptions vis a vis phallocentrism and fetishism.
shot & edited by
Shelly Silver
Correction, Thomas Bernhard
Floating Pad, Henry Mancini


7.5 Jayce Salloum
videotape description:
untitled part 4: terra incognita
31:05, 2005
This videotape will continue my series of works addressing social and political realities, histories, representations, and manifestations, focusing on movements (shifts, transitions, and change), culture, geography, and subjectivities. The relationship of the speaker and the spoken is highlighted, the speech laid bare and layered between the story, the fields of images, and the ambiguities of the video (as document) making process. The literal and metaphorical spaces of displacement and dwelling are constituted as social land political meanings rather than only as an extension of a locale or a set of subjective relationships.
‘terra incognita’ focuses on (some) fragments of histories, of pre-contact, contact, and settlement of the Kelowna area though the accounts of several First Nations’ speakers. It traces connections and correlations between the periods of extermination/disintegration, assimilation, and marginalization to their present day and context of being First Nations. A few sites of social and historical significance are encountered juxtaposed with the current realities of the area’s ‘landscape’. This short and experiential videotape lends itself not to a comprehensive survey, but a sifting through the layers of time and present, an inconclusive yet incisive speculation of their nature, lived through, and survived. Through various generations of accounts, the familiar and historical read the existing with the disappeared, just past the surface, digging into our (not unproblematic) relationship with the complexities of the past, our presence here, and that of the original inhabitants of this place we call Kelowna (Ki-low-na).
We can come closer to recognizing the terms of our histor(ies) and viewing them with an alternate vision.. challenging our perceptions in a critical manner steeped in generational ephemeralities, materiality, and social relations. This endeavour is not with the aim of reconciliation (which is impossible within one project or lifetime), but with the objective of taking into consideration, legacies of contact, settlement, colonization, and capital, and the contested and conflicted notions of home/land, nation, assimilation, native and other in an attempt to challenge our realities and perceptions and in doing so, reclaim and reconstruct an agency (for all viewers and subjects), that is complex and self determining.
Commissioned by the City of Kelowna during their 100th Centennial as part of the Alternator Gallery’s dvd compilation: Temporal Transmissions
7.6 Jim Costanzo
“The Scream: 21st Century Edition”
3 minutes — 2003
The video is inspired by Edward Monk’s early 20th Century print “The Scream”. In the 21st Century edition, the artist screams for 3 minutes in front of Bush’s State of the Union Speech and images of the war in Iraq.
7.7 stuart bailey
5 minutes of the opening bathroom scene of a film translation of a play
translation of jd salinger’s novel ‘franny and zooey’. The film is a
40-minute split screen following f on the left z on the right, as f tries to
resolve franny’s spiritual crisis and imminent breakdown.
The novel was written by jd salinger in 1958, the play was performed in de
appel gallery as ‘franny and zooey (after jd salinger)’ in august 2004, the
current version of the film shown here was made for the exhibition ‘the
boys’ room’ in marres gallery, maastricht, may 2005
7.8 jesal kapadia
‘the telegraph’, 3min, 2005, no sound.
7.9 Anita Di Bianco
7.10 Ayreen Anastas + Rene Gabri
Title: Eden Resonating, 2004
Medium: Color Video (DVD)
time: 11 minutes
where: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
A music-video based on the Arabic song by the Egyptian singer Asmahan ” Layali el-uns fi Vienna” (Twilight Delight in Vienna) originating from the film ” Gharam wa Intiqam” (Love and Revenge 1940).
more to follow…

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