Monday Night — POSTPONED — Discuss/Screen Laurence Lessig Future of Ideas

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Date/Time: 09/06/2003 12:00 am

This week’s Monday Night event has been postponed, until next week. More details forthcoming. We still include the info below, because it will form the foundation for next week’s discussion.
When: postponed
Where: sixteen beaver street, 5th floor
Who: open to all
With the this week’s vote by the FCC on Media Ownership, and with an eye to the upcoming showdown on June 19th in Congress over this week’s decisions, we wanted to invite people for an infomal discussion about some of the recent developments in media convergence and media ownership.
The program is still being constructed, but one of the reference points will be Laurence Lessig’s book, the Future of Ideas. We will be screening a short flash presentation he made some months ago and be discussing other related points.
Begins XXXX(postponed), if you know people who are interested in these issues, please invite them to attend. All experts and non-experts are welcome!!

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