“My Daily Constitution” in Cincinnati Ohio

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Date/Time: 09/06/2003 12:00 am

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Linda Pollack
Phone: (513) 557-7315 or (310) 804-4887
Email: mydailyconstitution@hotmail.com
“My Daily Constitution” in Cincinnati Ohio
JUNE 9 – 15 ’03
Seven days
Nine locations in and around Cincinnati
Nine discussions about the US Constitution
* free and open to the public *
Information Line: (513) 557-7315
From 9 – 15 June, Linda Pollack will hold “My Daily Constitution” a series
of discussions about the US Constitution led by lawyers, academics,
activists, and others.
Discussions take place at various locations (a cafe, a theatre, a library, a
restaurant, an exhibition space, a lounge) in and around Cincinnati. Free
copies of the US Constitution, printed by Pollack in an edition of 5,000,
will be available at discussion locations.
“The idea,” says Pollack, an LA based artist, “is to break away from the
dynamics of the large lecture hall and create a space where individuals, the
People of the United States, can become active participants in a dialogue
about our democracy. The more I am involved with this project, the more I am
realizing that our Constitution, our democracy, is about interpretation –
and interpretation means a collective, active dialogue, not just passive
consumers and lawmaking producers.”
Prior to Cincinnati, Pollack held My Daily Constitution in Los Angeles (May
2002), and New York City (February 2003).
My Daily Constitution – Cincinnati is made possible in part through the
generous support from the Arts Advocacy Project of the National Coalition
Against Censorship, and individual donors.
For further details, directions to locations, and for information about ways
to support My Daily Constitution, call the Information Line at: (513)
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My Daily Constitution – Cincinnati
JUNE 2003
9 Monday
7 – 9 PM
“The Right to Vote and the Future of American Constitutional Democracy”
Discussion led by JAMIN RASKIN, Professor of Constitutional Law & Law of
Political Process, American University; Director, Appleseed Project on
Electoral Reform; Author, “Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court Versus
the American People” (Routledge, 2003).
AT: ARTERY GALLERY/THEATRE, 913 Monmouth St., Newport, KY 41071
(859) 431-8151
10 Tuesday
6 – 8 PM
“Library Confidentiality After 9/11: The USA Patriot Act and Other
Anti-Terrorism Efforts Affecting Privacy in the Library”
Discussion led by DEBORAH CALDWELL-STONE, Deputy Director, Office for
Intellectual Freedom, American Library Association.
2802 Vine St. (“Short Vine”), Cincinnati OH 45219
www.plch.lib.oh.us/info/branch/corryville.html (513) 369-6034
11 Wednesday
7 – 9 PM
“A First Amendment History in Cincinnati; Common Decency vs. Racist and
Offensive Expression”
Discussion led by HOWARD TOLLEY JR., Professor of Political Science &
Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Cincinnati; Cooperating Attorney,
American Civil Liberties Union, Ohio.
AT: KALDI’S, 1204 Main St., Cincinnati OH 45210
www.kaldis.com (513) 241.3070
12 Thursday
7 – 9 PM
“Rights and Liberties in times of Crisis: From pre Writs of Assistance
(1761) to the Patriot Act (2001) and Beyond: a Historic Overview”
Discussion led by BILL GALLAGHER, Partner, Arenstein and Gallagher; former
Public Defender, Cook County; Adjunct Professor, University of Cincinnati
Law School.
AT: PLUSH (upstairs at Carol’s Restaurant), 825 Main St. Cincinnati OH 45202
www.carolsonmain.com (513) 651.2667
13 Friday
7 – 9 PM
“Who Are “We the People” Anyway? Pluralism and The U.S. Constitution”
Discussion led by JACK CHIN, Rufus King Professor of Law, University of
Cincinnati College of Law; Special Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Hamilton
County; Professor, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law
(from 2003),
and DAVID A. SINGLETON, Executive Director, The Prison Reform Advocacy
Center, Cincinnati; Former Public Defender, Harlem, New York, and Washington
AT: SSNOVA, 2260 Central Parkway, (Enter at 603 West McMicken Ave.),
Cincinnati OH 45214
www.ssnova.org (513) 929.9463
14 Saturday
12 – 2 PM
“Cincinnati: a Focal Point of Art Censorship Debates: What does the First
Amendment Protect?”
Discussion led by SVETLANA MINTCHEVA, Arts Advocacy Project Coordinator,
National Coalition Against Censorship,
and H. LOUIS SIRKIN, First Amendment Trial Lawyer; Senior Partner, Sirkin,
Pinales, Mezibov & Schwartz; Adjunct Professor, University of Cincinnati
College of Law.
AT: CINCINNATI PLAYHOUSE IN THE PARK, 962 Mount Adams Circle, Cincinnati OH
www.cincyplay.com (513) 345.2242
In conjunction with the League of Cincinnati Theatres
14 Saturday
5 – 7 PM
“Whose First Amendment?: Reclaiming the Public Interest In Our Media”
Discussion led by RICHARD JAMES, Co-Founder, The Neighborhood Network,
Columbus; Public Policy Chair, Ohio / Kentucky Chapter of the Alliance for
Community Media,
and BELINDA RAWLINS, Executive Director, Media Bridges, Cincinnati.
AT: MEDIA BRIDGES, 1100 Race Street , Cincinnati OH 45202
www.mediabridges.org (513) 651.4171
Reception to follow on the Rooftop Garden (’til 8 PM)
15 Sunday
1 – 3 PM
“The Constitutional Limits on the Police Use of Force”
Discussion led by ALPHONSE A. GERHARDSTEIN, Partner, Laufman & Gerhardstein;
Founder and President, The Prison Reform Advocacy Center, Cincinnati; 2003
Recipient of the Gumption Award by the Charter Party of Cincinnati.
AT: CONTEMPORARY DANCE THEATRE, College Hill, 1805 Larch Ave., Cincinnati OH
www.cdt-dance.org (513) 591.2557
15 Sunday
5 – 7 PM
“What Price Freedom?: An Examination of the US Patriot Act and the Demise of
our Civil Liberties”
Discussion led by DR. RAMONA BROCKETT, Professor of Political Science &
Afro-American Studies, Northern Kentucky University; Author, “Civil
Liberties and Criminal Justice Reform in the 21st Century” (Carolina Press,
forthcoming 2004).
AT: YORK STREET CAFE, 738 York St, Newport, KY 41071
www.yorkstonline.com (859) 261.9675

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