“My Daily Constitution” in Seattle

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Date/Time: 03/11/2003 12:00 am

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Linda Pollack
Phone: 310-804-4887
Email: lindapollack@earthlink.net
“My Daily Constitution” in Seattle
NOVEMBER 3 – 9, 2003
Seven days
Seven locations in and around Seattle
Seven discussions about the US Constitution
* free and open to the public *
Information Line: (206) 706-2620
www.mydailyconstitution.com (to be launched 10.29.03)
>From 3 – 9 November, Linda Pollack will hold “My Daily Constitution”, a
series of discussions about the US Constitution led by lawyers, academics,
activists and others. Discussions take place at various locations (a
library, an art hall, a theatre, a shopping center, a tea house, a cultural
center, a cafe,) around Seattle. Free copies of the U.S. Constitution,
printed by Pollack in an edition of 5,000, will be available at discussion
locations and at:
Elliot Bay Book Company, 101 South Main Street, Seattle. 206-624-6600
“The idea,” says Pollack, an LA based artist, “is to break away from the
dynamics of the large lecture hall and create a space where people can
become active participants in a dialogue about our democracy.
The more I am involved with this project, the more I am realizing that our
Constitution, our democracy, is about interpretation – and interpretation
means a collective, active dialogue, not just passive consumers and
lawmaking producers.”
The motivation for the project “stems from my own realization that I had in
fact never read the Constitution, didn’t know what it was, and wouldn’t know
what was at risk of being lost. I do know that democracy (and its close
approximations) is a fragile thing.”
Pollack experienced just how fragile democracy could be while working for
the Amsterdam based European Cultural Foundation (www.eurocult.org) during
the war in the former Yugoslavia, where she initiated programs that promoted
reconciliation and dialogue, including a benefit Balkan rock concert and a
mobility scheme for East European artists.
Monday’s opening discussion; “Privacy, Free Speech, and the War on
Terrorism” will be held at the Fremont Branch of the Seattle Public Library.
Christopher Varas, attorney at the Seattle law firm of Preston Gates
& Ellis, joins Deborah Jacobs, City Librarian of the Seattle Public Library,
to talk about how the war on terrorism, and particularly the USA PATRIOT
Act, threaten Americans’ rights to speak freely, read in privacy, and be
free from unlawful government surveillance.
Other discussion leaders include Pramila Jayapal, Executive Director of the
Hate Free Zone Campaign of Washington, Janet Anderson, Chair of Washington
State Citizens for Proportional Representation, Bev Harris, author of “Black
Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century” (Plan Nine Publishing,
available via www.blackboxvoting.com), Linda Franz, member, Whatcom Fair
Voting, David Domke, Professor of Communications at the University of
Washington, David Lovell, Research Associate Professor in Psychosocial and
Community Health at the University of Washington, Patti Goldman, Managing
Attorney of the Earthjustice North West Office, Stella Williams, Assistant
Professor at the Obafemi Awolowo University of Nigeria, and Doug Honig,
Communications Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington.
A complete listing of the program follows.
Prior to Seattle, Pollack held My Daily Constitution in Cincinnati (June
2003), New York City (February 2003), and Los Angeles (May 2002).
My Daily Constitution – Seattle is made possible in part through the
generous support from individual donors.
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My Daily Constitution
November 2003 Schedule
3 Monday
7 – 9 PM
“Privacy, Free Speech, and the War on Terrorism”
Discussion led by CHRISTOPHER VARAS, Attorney, Preston Gates and Ellis;
Former Staff Attorney, ACLU of Illinois, & DEBORAH JACOBS, City Librarian,
Seattle Public Library.
at: FREMONT BRANCH of the SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY, 731 N. 35th St., Seattle
4 Tuesday
7 – 9 PM
“Who are We the People Anyway? Personhood, Citizenship and The U.S.
Discussion led by PRAMILA JAYAPAL, Executive Director, Hate Free Zone
Campaign of Washington.
at: CROSSROADS SHOPPING CENTER, Public Market Entrance, 15600 NE 8th Street,
5 Wednesday
7 – 9 PM
“Making Our Vote Count – Ways and Means of Safeguarding Democracy”
Discussion led by JANET ANDERSON, Chair, Washington State Citizens for
Proportional Representation, BEV HARRIS, author, “Black Box Voting: Ballot
Tampering in the 21st Century” (Plan Nine Publishing, via
blackboxvoting.com), & LINDA FRANZ, Member, Whatcom Fair Voting & Citizens
for Voting Integrity, Washington.
6 Thursday
7 – 9 PM
“Whose Free Press? The First Amendment, Democracy, and Corporate Mass Media”
Discussion led by DAVID DOMKE, Professor of Communications, University of
at: RANIER VALLEY CULTURAL CENTER, 3515 S. Alaska St., Seattle 98118
(Columbia City)
7 Friday
7 – 9 PM
“Justice and the Eighth Amendment; From Pelican Bay to Guantanamo Bay:
Where is Supermax Technology Taking Us?
Discussion led by DAVID LOVELL, Research Associate Professor, Department of
Psychosocial & Community Health, University of Washington.
at: PANAMA HOTEL TEA & COFFEE, 605 1/2 South Main Street, Seattle.
(International District)
8 Saturday
1 – 3 PM
“Collisions Between Globalization and Constitutional Values – Can there be
Discussion led by: PATTI GOLDMAN, Managing Attorney, Earthjustice North West
Office, & STELLA WILLIAMS, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural
Economics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.
at: CAFE ALLEGRO, 4214 University Way NE, Seattle.
9 Sunday
4 – 6 PM
“Why the USA PATRIOT Act is Unpatriotic; Civil Liberties and Homeland
Discussion led by DOUG HONIG, Communications Director, American Civil
Liberties Union, Washington.
at: JEWEL BOX THEATRE at the RENDEZVOUS, 2322 Second Ave., Seattle.
Daily Constitutional Happy Hours to follow (no host bar)
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