Negotiations — From a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace

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Date/Time: 19/06/2003 12:00 am

A multi-part cultural event that intends to create new public
spaces for dialogue on shared entitlement and common
responsibility for co-existence in Palestine-Israel and beyond.
Toronto, Canada
June 19 – June 29
ASpace Gallery, Winchester Pub, Innis Town Hall, OISE
519 Community Centre, Toronto streets
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http://creativeresponseweb.net Any proceeds from the event will be donated to the International Solidarity Movement ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Negotiations is a space where we can face the challenges of an open exchange about the most difficult issues pertaining to the history and current conditions of the crisis in Palestine-Israel. We believe this exchange to be crucial as we witness a new phase in global colonization schemes, set fast on further deprivation, disenfranchisement and displacement of Indigenous peoples. The Palestinian Intifadas exemplify counter-colonization movements. As such, they should compel us to make our political and social interventions meaningful, sustainable and visionary. This must be a collective effort, and no inclusive collectivity can be built in the absence of imagination and communication. Art, as a medium for both, is therefore essential to any project of transformation. The people and projects brought together in Negotiations offer uniquely creative means through which art can trigger, facilitate and channel social exchange. Negotiations is not meant to be merely consumed. We have built into our programme of activities multiple opportunities for participatory dialogue and work. We hope to see you there as active co-labourers. _________________________________ _________________________________ SCHEDULE OF EVENTS _________________________________ WILL|Exhibition Reception Thursday June 19|5:30 -7 pm A Space Gallery, 401 Richmond st. On exhibit June 19 through July 19 at A Space Gallery: _Inadvertent Monuments_ Installation by Ilana Salama Ortar and Steven Wright (Israel, France) _Destinations_ Audio-Visual Installation by Galia Shapira, Aref Nammari, Haggai Kupermintz, Phil Shane (Israel/USA, Palestine/USA, Israel/USA, USA) _Farah: In Search for Joy_Net-art project by Rami a.k.a. Jaromil (Italy, Palestine) _ Dance_Multimedia installation by Alexandra Handal with poets Karen Alkalay-Gut and Nathalie Handal (Palestine/Dominican Republic, Israel, Palestine/USA) _Squares in the Pavement & Beau temps, mauvais temps_ Photo-documentary by Shahrzad Arshadi and Josee Lambert (Canada); _Video Petition Project_Video Installation by Artist Emergency Response (USA) _Olive Fair_Work-in-progress installationby Negotiations Working Group (Canada) __________________ CHECK POINT|Opening Performance Night ThursdayJune 19|9 pm Winchester Pub, 537 Parliament St.|$12 or pwyc Check Point is a space for resiting colonization and displacement, negotiating the borders of identity and building creative solidarity. Poetry by special guest Lee Maracle Music and spoken word inspirations by Trish Salah & Reena Katz Middle Eastern/South American/African beat by Suleiman Warwar & Milad Bouchaaya Palestinian/American Hip-Hop rhymes by Iron Sheik TekArabic music by composer John Farah MC: Oona Pagdham ___________________ SHOOT BACK WITH VIDEO | Hands-on Wokshop in video production and media activism Friday June 20|1:30 – 4:30 pm Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave.|Free event Learn about the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and contribute your knowledge of activism and art to the production of a section of the Video Petition Project. Facilitated by AER (Artist Emergency Response) __________________ BEAT ON THE STREET | Street Performance Friday June 20|4:30 – 5:30 pm On Bloor, North West Corner of Avenue|Free event Coalition Against War and Racism (CAWR) brings musicians from diverse cultures for a street performance across from the Israeli Consulate. In solidarity with the Jewish Women’s Committee to End the Occupation and the Coalition for a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel, cosponsors of the weekly Friday vigils, an ongoing gathering of Toronto’s voices of conscience since 1988. __________________ STAKING CLAIM(S)|Screening & Conversation with Curator Friday June 20|6:15 pm Innis Town Hall|$12 or pwyc A programme of media art by Aboriginal artists addressing issues of land base/rights, sovereignty, stewardship and disenfranchisement. With Guest Curator: Steven Loft Facilitator: Gita Hashemi Screenings include: _Rooster Rock ? The Story of Serpent River_by Bonnie Devine and Rebecca Garrett (Canada, 2002) _Untitled_by Dana Claxton (Canada 2001) _$4 Indian_ by Darlne Naponse (Canada 2001) _A Nation is Coming_by Kent Monkman (Canada 1996) _’Si’Elu’taxw _ by First Nations Video Collective (Canada 1997) ___________________ ON SITE |Meet the Artists Saturday June 21|12 -1 pm A Space Gallery|Free event Meet participating artists including Shahrzad Arshadi, Haggai Kupermitz, Josee Lambert, Ilana Salama Ortar, Galia Shapira, Stephen Wright, Artist Emergency Response and Negotiations Working Group. ____________________ THE PRICE OF OLIVES |Creative Workshop Saturday June 21|1 – 4 pm A Space Gallery|Free event What does it take to grow olives in Occupied Palestine? What does it take to bring them here?With your participation and through a fair trade of stories and facts, ideas and labour, we will build the Olive Fair installation, our contribution to the WILL exhibit, and explore what it takes to build an accountable politics of solidarity. With: Nahil Aweidah Facilitated by: Negotiations Working Group. http://olivefair.net _____________________ LAND WITHOUT SOIL, ART WITHOUT ARTWORK|Panel Discussion & Screening Saturday June21|5:30 – 7 pm Innis Town Hall|$5 or pwyc Is it possible to address the perceptual geopolitics of partition using art-related habitus and skills while avoiding the pitfalls of “picture politics?” The screening of Ilana Salama Ortar’s short documentary film, Adamut/Lands [Israel 2003, 12min, DV], and the ensuing presentation will be the occasion to examine the veritable use-value of art in a political framework. With: Ilana Salama Ortar & Stephen Wright Facilitator: Sara Matthews ______________________ UNSETTLED RETURNS |Screening & Conversation with Directors Saturday June 21|7:30 pm Innis Town Hall|$12 or pwyc This programme brings together two celebrated filmmakers, Michel Khleifi and Eyal Sivan, on the screen and in person, for a close inspection of the unsettling history of Palestine-Israel. With: Michel Khleifi and Eyal Sivan. Facilitator: Gita Hashemi Screenings include: _Ma’aloul Celebrates its Destruction_by Michel Khleifi (Palestine/Belgium 1984) _ Aqabat Jaber, Peace with no Return?_ by Eyal Sivan (Palestine/Israel 1995), And an exclusive preview of clips of Khleifi and Sivan’s new collaborative project: _The Partition Line_ (2003). _______________________ UP CLOSE|Film Screening Sunday June 22|12:30 pm Innis Town Hall|$8 or pwyc Ordinary people pay the highest price in any conflict. Curated by George Khleifi (Ramallah, Palestine) Screenings include: _Once Again: Five Palestinian Human Rights Stories_produced by The Institute of Modern Media, Al Quds University (Palestine, 2001) _3cm less_ by Azza El-Hassan (Palestine 2003) _______________________ MEETING GROUNDS|Public Forum Sunday June 22|3 – 6 pm Innis Town Hall|Free event This forum constitutes a moment to think through, substantiate and enable the actualisation of new parameters for peace in Palestine-Israel. The artist, curators and activists on this panel will reflect on their own work in relation to the questions with which we began our project. A just and viable peace requires a commitment to co-labouring across divides. Our contention is that such a co-labouring necessitates ethically responsible practices of solidarity. We envision this moment as an opportunity to work through these issues critically. With: Shahrzad Arshadi, Michel Khleifi, Steven Loft, Galia Shapira Eyal Sivan, Badea Warwar, Stephen Wright and Artist Emergency Response. Moderators: Hanadi Loubani & Elena Basile _________________________ PALESTINE BECOMING|Spoken Word Performance Sunday June 22|7 pm Innis Town Hall|$12 or pwyc Spoken-word artists and activists will read Palestinian women’s popular poetry, modern verse by poets living in Israel, in the Occupied Territories and in diaspora, and poems of solidarity. Eluding isolation, surveillance and censorship, the absented Palestinian body/voice returns to assert its agency through non-violent modes of resistance in poetry. With poets and performers: Lillian Allen, Yvonne Farah, Tarek Fatah Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarsinha, Roula Said and Rula Sharkawi MCs: Hanadi Loubani & Badea Warwar _________________________ MAPPING THE ROADS|Panel Discussion Tuesday June 24|7 – 10 pm Room 4-422, OISE, 252 Bloor St. W.|Free event In this panel, the feminist Dialogue group composed by Women for Palestine (WFP) and the Jewish Women’s Committee to End the Occupation (JWCEO) will focus on the U.S. proposed Road Map. Panelists will engage in difficult topics such a Zionism, anti-semitism, colonialism, Indigenous people’s rights, and the Palestinian refugees’ right to return, committing to the imperative of negotiating not in spite of difference, but precisely because of it. With: Hanadi Loubani & Shadi Eskandani (WFP) Rachel Gorman & Sue Goldstein (JWCEO) Facilitator: Gita Hashemi _________________________ COME OUT FOR PALESTINE!|Public Art Workshop Wednesday June 25|1:30 – 5 pm 519 Community Centre,519 Church St.|Free event Put the politic back into pride. Join with other community and political activists to paint, sew, draw, print and splash that dull parade with the passion it is missing. Come in solidarity with Salaam Toronto: Queer Muslim Community, to support the struggle of Palestinians for self-determination, and to support the fight of both Palestinian and Israeli Jewish activists for a just peace. There is no pride in occupation. With: Blair Kuntz, Rachel Rosen, Raven Rowanchilde Facilitator: Sue Goldstein ___________________________ PRIDE|Marches Saturday June 28 and Sunday June 29|2 pm Streets of Toronto Creative Response and other community organizations will join forces with Salaam Toronto for the Dyke March on Saturday and the Queer Pride parade on Sunday. For information on locations check http://negotiations2003.net ____________________________________________ __________________________________ Negotiations: From a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace info@negotiations2003.net http://negotiations2003.net Negotiations is a Creative Response initiative: http://creativeresponseweb.net __________________________________ sara_matthews@edu.yorku.ca Doctoral Program in Language, Culture and Teaching Faculty of Education, York University 8th Floor, Ross Building 4700 Keele St., North York, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3

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