(NEO-CON)ey Island Block Party and Protest Fashion Show

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Date/Time: 14/08/2004 12:00 am

The Neo-cons are coming. Get ur freak on at the…
(NEO-CON)ey Island Block Party and Protest Fashion Show
Havemeyer Street, Williamsburg
Between Metropolitan Ave and Hope Street
Saturday August 14th
Block Party
Fashion Show
After-party @ Black Betty
a George Bush dunking booth, The Baton Liberation Front, The Hungry March
Band, Tall Bike Jousting by the Black Label Bike Crew, Apocalypse Crusade
by Mouths Wide Open, a 12′ Jacob’s Ladder, stilt walking, DJ Soulcracker,
break dancing from Breaking in Style, DJs from King Uprock’s Sound System
and Futurefunk, spoken word with John Hall of King Missile and Elliot
Katz, a film tent, voter registration by Music for America, banners by the
Coney Island Museum’s Sideshow School, carnival mirrors, interactive
sculptures, ‘EGO’ balloons, political face painting, technology encrusted
wireless coveralls…….ahhhh!!!!
Fashion Show:
A 30-foot red carpet catwalk leads straight to a Madison Square Garden
set. Showcasing the works of local designers, costumes by Agata Oleksiak,
Seth Faergolzia (of DUFUS), Heather.of.the.Troyz, Axis of Eve’s political
panties, Missile Dick Chicks, Greene Dragon, Billionaires for Bush,
Radical Cheerleaders, RingOut, and more.
Visual Arts and Performance Delights:
Ranjit Bhatnagar, Oliver DeLantsheere, Georgia Elrod, Nick Golebiewski,
Jeff Greenspan, Anne Grygiel, Josh Gura, Ariane Hafizi, Terry Levenberg,
Noah Lyon, Rachel Krause, Rebecca Major, Jaxon McDade and the ehteam,
Joanne Orce, Marie Roberts, David L. Singer, Rasp Thorne, Kevin Thurston,
hthr.Troy, Elle Veres, with more to come…
Brought to you by:
The Change You Want to See Gallery
84 Havemeyer Street, Williamsburg
Block Magazine, The Lucky Cat, Black Betty, Grace Presents
Curatorial Efforts by:
A project of the Not an Alternative Arts Collective
L train to Bedford Ave, walk south, left onto Metropolitan. Havemeyer is 3
blocks down on the right.
G train to Metropolitan, walk west toward the water, Havemeyer is a few
blocks down on the left.
J/M/Z to Marcy, walk west on Broadway, right on Havemeyer, we’re 5 blocks
down at the end of the street.
General Gist of the Day:
12-5pm block party (+ food + beer)
12-3 performances + DJs (poetry, skits, magic, fire-spinning, DJ
soulcracker, etc.)
3-3:30 pm Hungry March band, baton twirling, tall bike jousting, fire tricks
3:30-4pm break dancing + DJs
4-5pm fashion show + DJs
4:45-5 grand finale with Hungry March Band + everyone on stage in front of
5-8pm after party at Black Betty
Breaking in Style b-boys
Hitomi (leather patchwork piece)
Cinders (handmade clothing)
Seth Fergolzi
Ali (handmade)
Heather (burka)
Thomas (Aug 29 t-shirts)
Axis of Eve
Ring Out “bell-wear”
Mouth Wide Open (4 horsemen costumes)
Greene Dragon
Missile Dick Chicks
CIRCA (clowns)
Code Pink’s pink slips
L’Agniappe’s local designers
Liberte deisgners
Radical Fairies
Radical Cheerleaders
balloon sculptor
sidewalk chalking station
face painting
Breaking in Style break dancers
CIA (Canadians Impersonating Americans)
Jonny techno coveralls/ GW future skit
poetry: John Hall (King Missile)
poetry: Elliot Katz
poetry: Steve Fried
Oh De Twirlette baton-twirling
Hungry March Band
DJ Soulcracker (al sharpton funk piece)
Jacob’s sound/dance piece
accordion player plays war pigs, etc.
fire-spinning by aerial dancer
from King Uprock’s Sound System and Futurefunk, Bklyn (12-5, and Ritchie’s
DJs for their performance)
DJ soulcracker (short set, 10 minutes? specially mixed piece)
Black Label Bike Crew: tall bike jousters
Eh-team cheeseball sculpture (they make your portrait out of cheeseballs
and toothpicks)
cardboard dove making workshop
fire eating
political face painting
balloon sculptresse
transylvanian booth
menacing performance art guy
burka model walking around
George Bush dunking booth
punk clown kid
Josh Gura, L.E.S. artist with air compresser + EGO balloons
Ariane Hafizi + Oliver DeLan, on-site expressive narrative painting
12-foot jacob’s ladder installation
clothesline: silkscreen designer shirts
coney island banner school banners (13 of them?)
various paintings and drawings
30 foot “street-painted” runway/Madison Square Garden set
paper mache people + banner
polaroid pics of “insert your head here” clown painting
funny carnival mirrors
streamers/stenciled flags
Video Tent
(various shorts, art pieces, video installations, etc)
Mouth Wide Open
Axis of Eve
Missle Dick Chicks
Billionaires for Bush
CIRCA (clandestine insurgent revolutionary clown army)
The Yes Men
We Got Issues + Rha Goddess
Vicki’s political buttons
Thomas (Aug 29th tees)
Music for America (voter registration)
United for Peace and Justice
El Puente
Peace Williamsburg
Stop the Power Plant
The Change You Want to See/Not an Alternative/hosts