neuroTransmitter at Apex Art

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Date/Time: 16/11/2005 12:00 am

Talking to Satellites
Wednesday, Nov. 18, 6:30pm
Apex Art CP 291 Church Street, NYC, 10013


Talking to Satellites is a live video and LPFM broadcast performance utilizing neuroTransmitter’s mobile FM transmission unit (com_muni_port). The work ironically constructs a conversation between low power communication devices and high-tech satellite systems often associated with consolidated power and the military complex.
The performance integrates video images of satellite communication systems with multi-tonal frequency signals transmitted through c_m_p and out to the local area.
In 2002 neuroTransmitter created com_muni_port, a low-power radio transmitter backpack used for pedestrian broadcasting. Since then they have initiated numerous mobile performances simultaneously occupying ether and public spaces. http://www.neurotransmitter.fm

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