New York architecture in current video art @ Ocularis

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Date/Time: 12/10/2003 12:00 am

The Skyline at Work
New York architecture in current video art
October 12th, 7pm at Ocularis
Documents of New York’s architectural transformations since 9/11 meet new visions of the urban condition which seek to revitalize the mega-metropolis in which we live. Idiosyncratic sites and spaces around Manhattan are observed and re-modeled in video and virtual views. Work Includes:
Empire 24/7, Wolfgang Staehle/ Eyebeam Atelier Diller + Scofidio/World Cultural Center, THINK / Raphael Vinoly Architects PC /Fighting for Ground Zero, Dominique Gradenwitz /NEWYORKEXITNEWYORK, Priam Givord and Martin Lenclos /Invisible Cities, Julio Soto /Urban Shift, Zohar Kfir /The Light, Brian Doyle /Manhattan Time Formations, Brian McGrath, /Light as Fuck, Yang Zhenzhong.
Descriptions of the works:
Empire 24/7, Wolfgang Staehle, video (demo)
Staehle’s work explores the dynamics, sensations and implications of connectivity. Positioning the Empire State Building in a Warholian address, EMPIRE 24/7 is the first in a series of webcam works by Staehle. For this program, the piece will be introduced and transmitted live into the cinema space via wireless network.
Eyebeam Atelier, Diller + Scofidio, 2002, 4 min.
Diller+Scofidio’s design for The Eyebeam Atelier in New York not only reveals the innards of the museum by making a huge transparent billboard of the people, art and media-technology it contains, it also frames the intrinsically mutable identity of any contemporary cultural institution. In the end their proposition for this new media arts and performance center does much more than simply provide an armature for a new vision of art and technology–it produces vision itself.
WTC Rebuilding Proposal, Think, Raphael Vinoly Architects PC, 2:30min, 2003
THINK’s third proposal made it into the last round in the Ground Zero architectural competition but lost to Daniel Libeskind. The animation depicts the views around and within the World Cultural Center, which consists of two open lattice structures. For many New Yorkers, the WTC Rebuilding Proposal is now seen as the better, more exciting proposal, when compared to that of the winner Daniel Libeskind.
Fighting for Ground Zero, Dominique Gradenwitz, 12min, 2003
Gradenwitz’s documentary presents a number of opposing opinions on the rebuilding concepts for Ground Zero which together document the bumpy history of the planning committee’s decision-making process. Interviews with Peter Macuse, Robert A. Stern, Peter Eisenman, Richard Meyer, Norman Foster, Daniel Libeskind and Raphael Viñoly.
NEWYORKEXITNEWYORK, Priam Givord and Martin Lenclos, 8min, 2002
NEWYORKEXITNEWYORK is an interactive installation featuring a virtual environment in three dimensions built out of a large number of digital photographs taken around Times Square in New York City. With a Joystick controller, one can freely surf a city metaphor in real time 3D and projected on a giant screen. Defying gravity laws, one can dive in and out of space and time, impacting and observing new urban patterns of traffic, noise and pedestrian street life.
Invisible Cities, Julio Soto, 6:13min, 2002
In this piece, a post-apocalyptic city is imagined. An omniscient camera pans through a surreal urban landscape to find abandoned buildings, cultural centers in ruin and nature, vines water and vegetation, covering all available surfaces in an effort to reclaim the deserted city.
Urban Shift, Zohar Kfir, 4:30min, 2002
“A composition constructs a journey into imagery. A journey which walks through and bypasses a link between the natural world to metropolitan environments; a shifted dreamlike reality fixate itself to an extreme phase until it collapses.” -Z. Kfir
The Light, Brian Doyle, 11min., 2003, NY premiere
Doyle juxtaposes various night lights of the city which bundle in the new epicenter of Manhattan. A dedication to the vanished Ground Zero light sculpture.
MANHATTAN Time formations, Brian McGrath, 2:30min., 2000.
Video version of a web-based project that maps Manhattan skyscrapers over time. The project uses computer models and interactive animations to depict the dynamic relationship between Manhattan’s skyscrapers and other layers of urban information.
Light as Fuck, Yang Zhenzhong, 1min, 2003, NY premiere
Yang Zhenzhong‘s video is the only piece not relating to New York architecture but to the skyline of Shanghai. The fact that Libeskind will give Manhattan’s skyline a similar speer on which the entire city –inevitably- will be hinged on, makes this Asian counterpart an intersting comparison.
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