[nottingham] 99p PROFIT

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Date/Time: 28/05/2004 12:00 am

A Chris Graham Comment on Mass Consumerism
99p PROFIT -³Give em’ back their own shit man.²
Urban D:tour Birmingham 31 May 2004
The artist expresses his negativity towards capitalist modes of production
and consumption by demonstrating the art of eating and shitting money.
1pm Friday 28th May Nottingham
Part One – The Eating
1pm Monday 31 May Bullring Birmingham
Part Two ­ Spending a penny and shitting a pound (in-store limited audience
Part Three ­ Spending it

Viewing strictly by advance appointment only.
We are accepting nominations for the store toilet you think Chris should
produce and spend his money
If you wish to witness an aspect of the event contact me@mydadsstripclub.com