NYU/LMCC — The State of Play: Law, Games and Virtual Worlds

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Date/Time: 13/11/2003 12:00 am

Hi All,
LMCC’s highly acclaimed conference in May 2003, The Future of War: Aesthetics, Politics, Technologies, examined the increasingly complex exchanges between the military, the entertainment industry, the computer industry, the media, and the arts. Now you can further explore these and other issues in The State of Play: Law, Games and Virtual Worlds conference at the New York Law School, from
November 13 –15, 2003. See registration details below.
Also available online: our new The Future of War conference archive with streaming audio
at http://www.lmcc.net/futureofwar. Must have the RealPlayer plugin and
Netscape 6+, IE 5+ on PC.
Wayne Ashley
Curator of New Media & Public Programs
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
The State of Play: Law, Games and Virtual Worlds
November 13 –15, 2003
New York Law School
New York City
Information & Registration at www.nyls.edu/games
conference sponsored by
The Institute for Information Law & Policy at New York Law School &
The Information Society Project at Yale Law School.
The new environments of electronic games, especially those that are massively multiplayer, are not just game spaces; they are cultures unto themselves. Like real societies, they develop as their members create rules and norms. Some norms in games are cooperative and democratic, others are dictatorial and dystopic.
This interdisciplinary conference will examine the state of play today in an effort to understand the phenomenon of digital games and the virtual worlds they create. Participants will discuss the complex social, psychological, and legal issues raised by new forms of cultural play.
Please direct inquiries to Mr.Chun Li by email to cli@nyls.edu.

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