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Date/Time: 31/10/2003 12:00 am

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October 14, 2003
The Mexican State of Chihuahua is the most dangerous place to be a young woman in the Americas. In the last ten years, in Juarez and Chihuahua City, some 275 women have been murdered and at least 250 more have disappeared.
The responses of the Mexican authorities up to now have been ineffectual. Legislation dealing with sexual violence and disappearance is lacking. False evidence and false accusations of guilt mar too many investigations. The right to life, to due process and to justice has all been violated time after time.
For several years, the families of the victims have led protests against the violence and against the failures of the Mexican government to find the criminals and protect the citizenry. JUSTICE FOR OUR DAUGHTERS a Chihuahua City-based group emerged in 2002 and is working locally, nationally and internationally to promote justice and human rights in Mexico and to bring an end to the violence. They currently face aggressive opposition from the Mexican authorities, including beatings, torture, defamation and false arrests.
Amnesty International recently issued a report on the situation and has called for concerned citizens worldwide to express concern to the Mexican government about the violence.
Concerned citizens around the world are planning a wide variety of actions to coincide the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead. Street protests, vigils in front of Mexican consulates, cultural events and religious services to commemorate the victims will take place between October 31 until November 2, 2003.
? OPERACIÓN DIGNA will complement these actions by offering opportunities to participate in the actions on line.
? OPERACIÓN DIGNA will launch a virtual sit-in against the Mexican Government on October 31st, 2003;
? OPERACIÓN DIGNA will net.cast the UCLA conference on the Maquiladora Murders featuring presentations by Marisela Ortiz of Bring Our Daughters Home, mothers of the disappeared, human rights activists, filmmaker Lourdes Portillo and playwright Eve Ensler LIVE from 10/31-11/2.
? OPERACIÓN DIGNA will offer a pre-recorded interview with Lucha Castro, attorney for JUSTICE FOR OUR DAUGHTERS in Mexico for anyone to download and listen to;
? OPERACIÓN DIGNA will include an on-line bulletin board listing ALL street actions in support of JUSTICE FOR OUR DAUGHTERS scheduled for the Day of the Dead.
For more information contact OPERACIÓN DIGNA at OPERACIONDIGNA@yahoo.com
OPERACIÓN DIGNA is named after of Digna Ochoa, the courageous Mexican human rights lawyer who was assassinated in 2001.