Protest 8th Avenue & 31st

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Date/Time: 02/09/2004 12:00 am

While Bush is accepting the nomination …
Join us outside of Madison Square Garden to say:
*U.S. Out of Iraq!
*Bring the troops home now!
*End the Colonial Occupation of Iraq, Haiti,
Palestine and everywhere!
Gather at 7 pm
at 8th Ave. and 31st St.
Madison Square Garden
for a Permitted Rally
Bring drums and noisemakers.
Let your voice be heard.
We will not be silent!
Tomorrow evening, Thursday, September 2, George W.
Bush will once again falsely praise war, colonial
occupations, racist policies and corporate
globalization as significant accomplishments for
the world. Simultaneously, the people of the world,
the very victims of these policies of destruction,
will be certain to send their unwavering
On September 2, at 7 PM in New York City, there
is no place other than Madison Square Garden to
make this known. We are asking you to join in this
critical stance, as we demand an end to all
colonial occupations from Iraq to Palestine to
Haiti and beyond.