Public Art Festival — Request for Proposals

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Date/Time: 29/03/2008 12:00 am

Request for Proposals
Hacia Afuera, Public Art Festival
Located in East Harlem, Art for Change (AfC) encourages the advancement of progressive social change by using art as a catalyst for individual and collective reflection and action.
Art for Change will be presenting Hacia Afuera, the first public art festival in East Harlem-El Barrio to be held in the spring of 2008 and is inviting artists to take part in it with performance, music, site specific installations and interactive media pieces.
East Harlem-El Barrio is a neighborhood with a long history of art, from theater to murals, to performance. In recent years, gentrification has become a reality for many of its residents and thus Hacia Afuera is to be used as a vehicle to reclaim the space especially those that are public.
Works must fit in the political and social context of the neighborhood and must be made of sustainable materials (found, grass, rescued wood) when possible. We are looking for pieces that are highly imaginative but not necessarily complicated in its assembling or in the number of external support that is needed (electricity, extravagant permits, etc).
Budget for the Festival is limited but we will provide basic materials like basic tools, nails, screws, paint, fabric, soil.
Proposals must be one page in length and should include set-up detail and the ideal location where the piece will be situated. The exact demarcation of where the Festival will take place is still to be decided, but gardens, streets, sidewalks, parks, private walls are possible.
Proposal should also include:
Artist‚s Full Name + Alias (Collectives and teams are welcome!)
Artist‚s Bio + Statement
Letter of Interest
Dimensions of Piece
Two ˆFive samples (on DVD, CD)
If performance, indicate duration and number of participants
Time Needed for Set-up
Time Needed for Breakdown
Materials Needed (indicate which you are able to supply)
** Sample documents will not be returned
We are expecting at least 500 visitors throughout the two weekends of the festival. This is a great opportunity to work with existing environments in transforming spaces along with passer-byers, residents and visitors.
Please send your application by March 29th to:
Art for Change/Hacia Afuera
1699 Lexington Ave.
Basement North
New York, NY 10029

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