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Date/Time: 19/05/2003 12:00 am

Reading Group 05.19.03 — Zizek Discussion — Welcome to the Desert of the Real
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This Monday night we will be discussing the first half of Slavoj Zizek’s ‘Welcome to the Desert of the Real’.
The readings come from last year’s series put out by Verso, in which Virllio, Zizek, and Baudrillard were each asked to relate to September 11. Rather than focus on the events themselves, each in some way locates the events within, as opposed to outside, a framework dynamics that have already been at play. In the Fall of last year, we looked at Virilio’s text.
As we turn to Zizek’s text, it should be noted that the 5 essays which comprise the book are a significantly expanded version of the original essay which carried the same title and was distributed accross the internet on Sept. 14. We suggest you read the text before attending, but you may still enjoy the discussion without having done so.

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