Resisting Empire with Tariq Ali

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Date/Time: 03/12/2003 12:00 am

International Socialist Review, Verso Books, the Center for Economic
and Social Rights, and Monthly Review Press present:
Resisting Empire
with Special Guest Speakers:
Tariq Ali, Author of Bush in Babylon and The Clash of Fundamentalisms.
Editorial Committee of the New Left Review
Lou Plummer, Military Families Speak Out
Sarah Zaidi, Center for Economic and Social Rights
Gilbert Achcar, Author of The Clash of Barbarisms: September 11 and the Making
of the New World Disorder and of Eastern cauldron: The Middle East in
a Marxist Mirror (forthcoming).
Meredith Kolodner, International Socialist Organization. Recently returned
from FTAA protests in Miami.
Wednesday, December 3
7:30 pm
Barnard College
Barnard Hall room 304
117th and Broadway
Take the 1/9 train to 116th Street
Childcare available on request
For more information call 212-502-0707 or e-mail
The Bush Administration’s war and occupation in Iraq has unleashed a far more
aggressive drive for a new US Empire. It has ushered in a more unstable and
dangerous world.
Yet it has also ushered in a worldwide resistance.
In Iraq, US forces are being met with a resistance which even the CIA is
being forced to admit has the support of the vast majority of ordinary
Iraqis. Within the military and among veterans, a small but powerful
resistance is building to Bush’s occupation.
When Bush travels to London, he will be met by tens of thousands of
protestors. In Miami, thousands of protesters are converging to stop
the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).
Once thought unassailable, today Bush is being met by resistance from all
But many questions remain: How can these struggles be more closely joined?
How can we build international links between them? And what is the goal of
these struggles? How can Bush be stopped? Join us for a rare chance to
discuss these questions and more with a renowned panel of international