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Date/Time: 10/06/2003 12:00 am

We have just launched a new site called RNC Not Welcome. Check it
out at http://www.rncnotwelcome.org
The site is meant to be a resource for local activists and for
people planning to travel here to protest, disrupt [etc.] the
Republican National Convention in September 2004.
It may seem early to launch a site [1 year & 3 months from the RNC]
but we feel it is necessary to get organized now so that we can
avoid mistakes made in other mobilizations (WEF, RNC in Philly,
World Bank in DC, DNC in LA-2000)…
The site is new and does not, at this point, contain all the
information we hope to load. It has the press releases from the NYC
mayor’s office and NYC Inc, the beginnings of a direct action
handbook and a local directory of collectives, spaces, media and
organizations. If you would like to list your group in this
directory, please email us. We hope to expand the directory, create
a graphic and flier library and more.
An invitation to NYC to oppose the Republicans’ shindig will soon be
posted. Please email us with any suggestions for the site, feedback,
links, graphics, etc.
thanks and we hope the site is useful. join us in opposing the evil empire!
RNC Not Welcome web collective
[thanks to mutualaid.org for hosting the site]
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