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Date/Time: 16/10/2004 12:00 am

dear friends and colleagues:
A program of RNC-related videos I organized for the dumbo short film and video festival is playing this saturday at 6:30 PM ($5, 45 main street, 9th floor, brooklyn).  Through a cruel twist of fate, i will be out of town.  I’m also screening a very new (as in, it will have a title by the end of the week) collaborative work.  The description below may or not be terribly applicable, but it attempts to view certain activities during the RNC in relation to questions of the privatization and/or militarization of urban public space.  for film buffs, the festival is going head-to-head this weekend w/ the annual “views from the avant-garde” program at lincoln center, but there’s a lot of good stuff playing.
film and video info:


http://www.dumboartscenter.org/festival/ (for general d.u.m.b.o. art under the bridge festival info)
d.u.m.b.o. Short Film and Video Festival
45 Main Street 9th Floor
Brooklyn, New York
Saturday, October 16
6:30 pm
Highlights from the RNC protests and excerpts from Unconventional TV
Organized by Benj Gerdes
TRT 90:00 minutes
NoRNC Video Collective Presents Highlights from Unconventional TV
50:00 minutes
Working as the NoRNC Video Collective, over a hundred volunteer video-makers and media activists produced six episodes of the 1-hour television program “Unconventional TV” for cable access and national satellite broadcast nightly during the Republican National Convention.  The programs were produced live at Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) with an on-air host and in-studio guests, and consisted of numerous news segments shot and edited daily by volunteer producers.  In addition, a series of pre-produced segments offered in-depth critiques of the Bush Administration’s policies and the corporate media, linking anti-RNC events in New York City to global antiwar and social justice movements.  Unconventional TV was the only daily independent media coverage of the RNC, and was broadcast in Manhattan on MNN and via satellite nationwide on Free Speech TV. 
This program will focus on Unconventional TV’s comprehensive coverage of protest activities during the RNC, and present striking footage of events neglected or downplayed by corporate media, including marches, direct actions, and interactions with delegates and the police.  The NoRNC Video Collective will also present excerpts from a feature-length documentary-in-progress.
Produced by The NoRNC Video Collective, with representatives from Deep Dish TV, New York City Grassroots Media Coalition, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, NYC IMC Video, Paper Tiger TV, The Video Activist Network, and several other Independent Media Centers, as well as many unaffiliated local media activists.  Produced at Manhattan Neighborhood Network August 29-September 3, 2004, with the support of the NoRNC Indymedia Convergence Space.  All material gathered through an open submission process.
Benj Gerdes and Alina Grumiller
25:00 minutes
This collaborative video essay uses footage and interviews shot during the RNC to discuss the relationship between architecture and the human body in contemporary mass protests.  It uses events in New York City as a case study to explore effective strategies for protest in increasingly privatized urban public spaces.
Watch This!
Glass Bead Collective
20:00 minutes
A multi perspective meditation on the nature of freedom and its loss in post 9/11 America; 
shot almost exclusively during the Republican National Convention in New York and focusing on the nature of political and creative dissent and the government’s response.
d.u.m.b.o. Short Film and Video Festival
45 Main Street 9th Floor
Brooklyn, New York
October 16th, 3:00-12 pm & 17th, 3-8:30 pm 2004
Saturday, October 16th
3:00 – Video Installations
3:30 – Invisibilities
5:00 – Baghdad in No Particular Order
6:30 – Highlights from the RNC protests and excerpts from Unconventional TV
8:30 – Self Help Utopia
10:00 – Blows Against The Empire
Sunday, October 17th
3:00 – Video Installations
3:00 – Sutures: The healing issue
4:30 – Against the Grain
6:00 – Him/Her and the Third Gender: Recent Videos of Nina Yuen and Sung Hwan Kim
7:30 – Understanding the World
Saturday, October 16th
3:30 pm
TRT 67:28 minutes
Mark Street
Alone, Apart: The Dream Reveals the Waking
2004, 7:00 minutes
Neil Goldberg
Missing the Train
2004, 1:30 minutes
Mariam Ghani
How Do You See The Disappeared
2004, 9:28 minutes
Mary Billyou
Perhaps The Singer is Dead
2004, 6:30 minutes
Michael Joo
Invisible, AK (Barrow)
2002, 8:00 minutes
Jeannie Simms
Blood Relations
2003, 35:00 minutes
5:00 pm
Baghdad in No Particular Order
Paul Chan
2003, 51:00 minutes
6:30 pm
Highlights from the RNC protests and excerpts from Unconventional TV
Organized by Benj Gerdes
TRT 90:00 minutes
NoRNC Video Collective Presents Highlights from Unconventional TV
50:00 minutes
Benj Gerdes and Alina Grumiller
25:00 minutes
 “Our Streets” (provisional title)
Glass Bead Collective
20:00 minutes
8:30 pm
Self Help Utopia
TRT 57:49 minutes
Seth Price
Rejected or Unused Clips Arranged In Order of Importance
2003, 10 minutes
Libby Hux
How I Learned to Become An Assertive Human Being
2004, 2:10 minutes
Caitlin Parker
2004, 4:50 minutes
Joshua Thorson
2004, 2:30 minutes
Burger King, Lonesome Anger…
Torsten Burns and Darrin Martin
2004, 9:30 minutes
Nancy Sanders aka Joshua Thorson
For My Son Reese, Who Was in a Cult
2004, 3:53 minutes
Alix Pearlstein
2004, 7:51 minutes
Afterlifers: Walking & Talking
2004, 16:00 minutes
Gordon Wills aka Joshua Thorson
2004, 1:06 minutes
10:00 pm
“B L O W S   A G A I N S T   T H E   E M P I R E”
From Craig Baldwin’s OTHER CINEMAŠ
TRT 100:00 minutes
No Logos
50:00 minutes
Eli Elliot “Radical Teen Cheer” (excerpt)
Bill Daniel “Texas Gas-Powered Leaf-Blower Hockey”
Rev. Billy Talen “Stop Shopping Disney”
Andrew Lynn “WhirlMart Ritual Resistance”
Hazel Manchester “A Day Out at Diesel”
Institute of Applied Autonomy “Contestational Robotics”
ConglomCo “Re-Tag”
Billboard Liberation Front “Culture Jam” (excerpt)
Daniel Tucker “Re-Tooling Dissent” (excerpt)
Yes Men “Video News Releases”
Children’s Studio “Come Out and Play with Us”
How to Poke a War Pig
50:00 minutes
Bryan Boyce “State of the Union”
Fuckitall.com “Let’s Roll”
Read My Lips “Bush/Blair Duets”
Animal Charm “The Bush Files”
Paper Tiger TV “Hollywood Victory”
Whispered Media “Meatheadus Supremus”
Greg Berger “Gringothon” (excerpt)
James Ficklin/Jeff Taylor “War-Pigs”
Jino Choi “Bring the Gore Home”
Jeff Grubler “Smashing ‘Windows'”
Jason Meggs/Critical Mss “Bikes Not Bombs”
Mike Kavanagh “Take It to the Bridge” (excerpt)
Stolen Collective “The Twin Towers”
Sunday, October 17th
3:00 pm
Sutures: The healing issue
guest curated by Bruna Mori and Joseph Santarromana
published by System Yellow
TRT 63:30 minutes
Linda Montano
Mitchell’s Death
1978, 23:33 minutes
Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky & Angel Kyodo Williams
All of Us Must Learn
2002, 1:13 minutes
Lida Abdullah
Speaking and Remembering
2001, 2:24 minutes
Zohra Saed
What the Scar Revealed
2004, 2:39 minutes
Todd Gray
Remember Me
2003, 1:44 minutes
Catherine Lord
2004, 7:33 minutes
Sheree Rose
He Has Risen/She Has Risen
2003, 10:03 minutes
Su Friedrich
The Odds of Recovery
2002, 8:20 minutes
Erika Suderburg
Chromopathy for Beginners
2003, 5:49 minutes
4:30 pm
Against the Grain
TRT 68:43 minutes
Michael Estabrook
The Road To Nam
2004, 2:30 minutes
Sung-Hee Choi
Nuclear Theater
2003, 8:55 minutes
David Zuckerman
For An Archive
2004, 12 :00 minutes
Damian Catera
The Ron Reagan Funeral Jam
2004, 3:02 minutes
Perry Bard
Operation Marmalade
2004, 3:00 minutes
Megan Frazer
Ford Square
2004, 6:00 minutes
Patrick Jackson
National Guard Recruiting Booth
2004, 1:16 minutes
Norman Cowie
Scenes from an endless war (2001-2002)
2002, 32:00 minutes
6:00 pm
Him/Her and the Third Gender: Recent Videos of Nina Yuen and Sung Hwan Kim
Guest curated by Joe Gibbons
TRT 65:00 minutes
Nina Yuen
Suitcase Devil Baby Dress*
2003, 7:00 minutes
My Name is Not Paul F Barrett*
2003,9:00 minutes
Sung Hwan Kim
2003, 30 :00 minutes
Nina Yuen
So this is the problem with my mother*  
2004, 11:00 minutes
I got him to blow a bubble*
2003, 8:00 minutes
7:30 pm
Understanding the world
TRT 65:30 minutes
Louise Bourque
Jours en fleurs
2003, 4:30 minutes
Jacqueline Goss
How to Fix the World
2004, 28:00 minutes
Jessie Stead
Color Photographs of The Moon
2004, 1:00 minute
Julia Shirar
Internal Navigation
2004, 3:00 minutes
Jesse Stead
Left behind By Runaway Mutants
2004, 1:00 minute
Darrin Martin
Mono      i   ere
2004, 7:00 minutes
Su Friedrich
The Head of a Pin 
2004,  21:00 minutes
Video Installations
Hudson Mohawk Independent Media Center & Democracy Now
Independent Media in a Time of War
Mary Ellen Strom
Keith Sanborn
Jacob Hartman
We are all whole inside a pretty perfect structure
Jane Hudson
Desiring Machines
Youth Channel
Media made by youth, for youth.
Wynne Greenwood
Huge Days
Amy Sharp & Morgan Schwartz
The Reel President
Video Maker Forum
“Media Art in the Time of War” Sat. 1- 3 pm Moderated by Ardele Lister with Paul Chan, Jacqueline Goss, Branda Miller, and Andrew Lynn
The d.u.m.b.o. Short Film and Video Festival is programmed by Les LeVeque and Daniella Dooling.
Special Thanks:
Experimental Television Center, Keith Sanborn, Paul Chan, Alix Pearlstein, Joe Gibbons, Craig Baldwin, Mary Ellen Strom, Bruna Mori, and Joseph Santarromana

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