San Francisco — Wowhaus Micro Radio/Audio Archive on Market Street

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Date/Time: 01/04/2004 12:00 am

Sponsored by the S.F. Art Commission’s Art on Market Street Program
Thursday, April 1, 2004 on Market Street in San Francisco
A project of the San Francisco Art Commission’s Art on Market Street
By the Artist Team of Wowhaus -Scott Constable & Ene Osteraas-Constable
Life on Market Street: An Audio Archive,an art event by Wowhaus
exploring contemporary life on San Francisco’s main thoroughfare, will
take place at three consecutive locations on Market Street on Thursday,
April 1, 2004. This project has two related aspects: a CD/map package
and a day-long series of low-frequency radio broadcasts from a mobile
studio located on Market Street on April 1.
Lifeon Market Street: An Audio Archive”maps” everyday conversations with
people who live and work along Market Street, capturing the ephemeral
interactions that often escape documentation. Designed to serve as a
self-guided walking tour, the audio archive is a portrait in sound that
engages the public as both subject matter and navigational tool.
On April 1, 2004, Wowhaus will distribute 2,000 free copies of the CD
and map along Market Street. The audio archive will be transmitted from
a mirrored mobile micro radio studio from sites along the street,
reaching the “vertical audience” in office buildings with those along
the street. The studio houses a small, solar-powered AM radio
transmitter that will be used to broadcast the compiled recordings from
three locations along Market Street at 850 kHz.
Wowhaus appropriates the tools of surveillance – two-way spherical
mirrors – in the design of the studio. They also capitalize on one of
the last accessible
media outlets – low-frequency radio – to engage the public. During a
period of increased censorship and government surveillance, this project
hopes to
reinvigorate community dialogue.
Event locations:
9 AM – 11 AM – U.N. Plaza @ Market & 7th Street
12 PM – 2 PM – Halliedie Plaza @ Market & Powell Street
3 PM – 5 PM – Justin Herman Plaza @ Market at the Embarcadero
For more information about Wowhaus: http://www.thewowhaus.com
For more information about the Art on Market Street Program: