State of Emergency

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Date/Time: 01/06/2006 12:00 am

State of Emergency
Window VIDEO PROJECTIONS on busy 23rd St near 6th Ave.
Opening: June 1 5:00-7:00pm
Free outdoor cinema cut loose from the context of theater and gallery—and other
institutional constraints.
Artist-curated screenings of a provocative group program projected in the windows of
a second-floor loft at 115 West 23rd St.
A silent outdoor cinema to arrest the attention of unsuspecting passersby, of
walkers and wanderers…a deliberate yet unpredictable intervention to detour,
displace, disrupt, and disorganize the ceaseless flow of everyday street life.
We expect “State of Emergency” to rehabilitate loitering, allowing an activity
spuriously associated with criminal tendencies to regain its luster.
“State of Emergency” is a silent shout-out against the ever-deepening
devastation of democracy, a group response to the manufactured “state of
emergency” in which we live. A program that slashes through the
red-white-and-blue rhetoric of media so embedded in misrepresentation that even when
alerted to massive governmental transgressions the media are helplessly compliant,
the institutional variant of a battered wife.
Participating artists include:
The Visible Collective, Mary Kelly, Alan Sekula, Yvonne Rainer, Jenny Lion,
Sherry Millner & Ernest Larsen, Annetta Kapon, Michael Mandiberg, Louis Hock,
Gregory Sholette, and Leslie Thornton.
Where: 115 West 23 St, Second Floor Windows
When: 5:00 to 7:30 Thursday-Saturday thru the month of June
The projected videos depict such contested subjects as post 9/11 attacks on ordinary
citizens by the legitimate forces of law and order, the protests against the WTO in
Seattle, the gestural authority of a U.S. immigration officer, the
misrepresentations of cable news, excess patriotism as an national outbreak of
hysterical blindness, the current state of a Nevada nuclear bomb test site, global
biochemical contamination, all of that and more.

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