Street Harassment Summit

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Date/Time: 05/05/2007 12:00 am

You’re invited to attend…
Sisters in Strength Strikes Back: Our Struggle with Street Harassment
Organized by Girls for Gender Equity
Grand Street Settlement Beacon Center at Marta Valle Secondary School 145 Stanton
Street, New York, NY
May 5, 2007 * 1pm – 5pm
The Street Harassment Summit is a free public event for education, community
interaction, and the sharing of personal stories. War Zone (directed by Maggie
Hadleigh West) and a short film created by the Sisters in Strength interns will be
screened and workshops will be offered on different issues – such as strategies for
ending street harassment, how women can respond to street harassment safely, how
street harassment effects the GLBTQ population, and how men can be allies to victims
of harassment. Women, men, girls and boys of all ages are welcome to attend and
learn about this overlooked issue.
All attendees will receive a gift bag including items from our sponsors.
For more information on the work of Girls for Gender Equity visit
www.ggenyc.org. For updates about the Street Harassment Summit or to RSVP, visit
www.myspace.com/sistersinstrength or email sisters@ggenyc.org.

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