Summit of Micronations in Helsinki 29.-31.8. 2003

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Date/Time: 22/07/2003 12:00 am

»SUMMIT OF MICRONATIONS« Helsinki 29.-31.8. 2003
The 7th Amorph! performance art biennale will host the first »Summit of
Micronations«. In August 2003 kings, presidents and representatives of
?self made? countries will meet each other for the first time in Helsinki.
The Principality of Sealand, Ladonia, NSK-State, Kingdoms of
Elgaland&Vargaland, Transnational Republic and State of Sabotage have
agreed to join the summit. Against the convention of international summits
Amorph!03 encourages active participation of the public.
Amorph!03 is unique both as a performance art festival and a political
The opening ceremony of Amorph!03 will take place on August 29 in Finlandia
House, which hosted the legendary CSCE (aka KSZE) conference in 1975.
During the following days the micronations will open temporary embassies
at Harakka island. Here the public can get detailed information about the
micronations, their histories, state of affairs and policies. Some
micronations will even accept applications for citizenship. During the
festival the state representatives will give public lectures and host
festivities. On August 30, 2003, the »State of Sabotage« will be declared
accompanied by the unveiling of a monument designed by HR Giger.
Amorph!03 has additionally invited a great variety of artists and
intellectuals to contribute to the festival with their works to further
excavate the questions relevant to the phenomenon of micronations.
The term ?micronation? has been applied to almost anything from invented
kingdoms, model states, cybertopias, libertarian oases to real existing
miniature states. Each micronation attempts in its own way to create a zone
of autonomy. They nevertheless differ strongly with respect to the
requirements of State-hood: population, territory, government, legality,
independence, sovereignty and the capacity to enter into relations with
other states. Some of them even challenge the definition of statehood
itself. Philippe Laserre has pointed out that ?the phenomenon of
micro-nations can be located between a joke and a serious vision of the
Micronations attending the Amorph!03 summit have proclaimed constitutions,
established their own laws and monetary systems, and possess state symbols
such as passports and flags. Some of them have reached a high degree of
sovereignty over a very small territory. Others do not possess a territory
at all and thereby transcend national borders operating on the same level
as transnational corporations or NGOs. Simply put, both positions might
begin to address the familiar contention that the nation state might be too
big for small problems, and too small for big problems.
Friday the 29th [Finlandia House]
13:00-17:00 Moderated round table with representatives of micronations and
19:00-21:00 Opening ceremony of Amorph!03 including an appearance of the
micronations representatives, Mieskuoro Huutajat, Roi Vaara, Manuel Muerte
and others
22:30-24:00 Concert of Laibach (NSK)
Saturday the 30th [Harakka Island]
11:00-18:00 Peter Callesen invites to his watercastle
12:00-19:00 Embassies/information offices open
12:00-18:00 Susan Kelly´s “Lobby” open
13:15-14:15 Declaration of the STATE OF SABOTAGE
14:45-15:45 First presentation TRANSNATIONAL REPUBLIC
16:15-17:15 Second presentation SEALAND
17:45-18:45 Third presentation ELGALAND&VARGALAND
19:00-21:00 Schurkenessen
Sunday the 31st [Harakka Island]
12:00-18:00 Peter Callesen invites to his watercastle
12:00-18:00 Susan Kelly´s “Lobby” open
13:00-19:00 embassies/information offices open
14:15-15:15 First presentation LADONIA
15:30-16:30 Second presentation NSK
17:30-18:30 Conclusion of Amorph!03 Summmit
19:00-20:00 ESTO TV -screening
20:00-22:00 Schurkenessen
Amorph!03 Artists
Laibach (NSK-State),
Men Choir Huutajat (Finland)
HR Giger (Switzerland)
Esto TV (Estonia)
Roi Vaara (Finland)
Schurkenessen (Germany)
Peter Callesen (Denmark)
Susan Kelly (Ireland)
Mika Hannula (Finland)
Jouni Partanen (Finland)
Taliesin Denning (UK)
Manuel Muerte (Germany)
Concept & Curating
Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta
MUU ry / Mirva Pulkkinen & Timo Soppela.
The publication will present the necessary material and basic details to
comprehend the phenomenon of micronations. It will be released in
cooperation with MUU ry, NIFCA and The Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, and
it will be distributed by Revolver, Frankfurt. The publication will be
available in the beginning of August 03.
Supporters and Cooperation Partners
The Finnish Cultural Foundation, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Ministry
of Education, Cultural Foundation for Finland and Sweden, Cultural
Foundation for Finland and Denmark, The Danish Embassy, Nordisk Kulturfond,
NIFCA, Kiasma, Academy of Fine Arts, Pro Helvetia, The Swiss Embassy, The
Slovenian Embassy, Annantalo, Lainapeite, Artprint oy
MUU ry
Mirva Pulkkinen / Timo Soppela
Nervanderinkatu 10
00100 Helsinki
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