TALENT SHOW 52 Walker Street

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Date/Time: 26/05/2006 12:00 am

@ m 1-5
(same spot)
52 Walker Street, Cho Ho
friday may 26th! this friday actually…
PARTY brought to you by dean daderko y k8 hardy:
you should arrive for TALENT at 10pm
will you “cock or pussy out” or “sign up?”
big talent crem de la mer announcing………
“K.C.” CASEY SPOONER unplugged sans electiricity
gregg bordowitz ultimate experience
sophia hernandez
ginger brooks takahashi on aciddd
klara liden
The Aunts Sarah Marcus
Travis Girl/Boyer
AA Burnes
photo booth kate kunath
boobies all over the place performance by a.a. steiner
DJs All over the place
DJ EZRA RUBIN, DJ Pumpsta!!!< DJ FRENCH BOOTY who will ? If you are receiving this message, please forward it 10 friends in 2 days. We track where the email is so we can keep you in the list. We will now and you will be “86ed” We are only sending you this if we want you to come. Remember the drink specials we had last time? Well we are having them again! That’s worth it on itself!! K8 promises that there won’t be any drama like when she kicked out j***e last time, or will she do it again? Will Dean pass out (again)? Lesbian-chic – in or out? More gays hook up at our party than at a lot of other partys, that much is true – and that’s what New York Magazine said: “crazy coupling” and that’s topping from the bottom, people. So you know, so now you know now. Learn it, and learn it well. Twice the length! ALSO GET READY TO WRESTLE I’M GONNA BRING OUT THE MUD TRADITION ON JULY 444 JULY 4TH MUD WRESTLING IS BACK UPSTATE AT MY ART CAMP FUN DAY

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