The Accidental Activist

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Date/Time: 03/05/2003 12:00 am

Saving the world one soy chai latte at a time…
The Accidental Activist
Written & Performed by Kathryn Blume
Co-founder, Lysistrata Project
Directed by Michaela Hall
Live music by Eliza Ladd
April 29 – May 14
Tuesday – Thursday @ 8 pm, Sunday @ 2 pm
The Connelly Theatre
220 E. 4th St. (btwn. Aves A & B)
Tickets: $15
Call SmartTix at 212.206.1515 or www.SmartTix.com
Running in rep with The Queen’s Company’s The Lucky Chance
Mighty Ruckus Production Team
Naomi Dagen Bloom, Nina Wheeler-Chalfin,
Nicole Fantl, Alicia Dhyana House
“Every once in a great while, one has the good fortune to run into a creative spirit as fine and unique as Kathryn Blume’s. Her writing is searching and engaging, fueled by a fierce commitment to her own truth. And, because hers is a generous and wise spirit, her truth opens us up to the world’s. This is a voice that needs to be heard.” -Ellen McLaughlin
In The Accidental Activist, Kathryn Blume, Co-founder of the Lysistrata Project, recounts the story of her astonishing inability to save the world. In a show that’s part fact, part fantasy, part caffeine-induced madness, this irreverent and irrepressible performer imagines how she might possibly make a difference on a planet which couldn’t care less. Laced with self-deprecating wit, impossibly optimistic socio-political observations, and deft sketches of determined, defiant women from around the world, The Accidental Activist is one lone person’s on-going search for a good reason to get out of bed.
With questions or an urge to volunteer, contact Kathryn at kablume@mindspring.com or 802-233-5856.
Donate to the Cause
If you would like to support this inaugural production of The Accidental Activist (and we would certainly be most grateful if you did), you have three, count ‘em, three exciting ways to do so:
1. Send a check made out to The Queen’s Company (with The Accidental Activist in the memo line) to: The Queen’s Company, 640 E 2nd Street, Apt B5, Brooklyn, NY 11218.
2. When you buy your tickets from SmartTix, and they ask you if you would like to donate, say, “Yes, please!”
3. Contribute an item to our on-line auction. Contact The E-Auction Goddess, Nina Wheeler-Chalfin ninawc@aol.com 917-439-3669 for details.

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