THE ART OF RESISTANCE political artists’ conferenceSeattle, Spring 2004

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Date/Time: 08/02/2004 12:00 am

THE ART OF RESISTANCE political artists’ conference
Seattle, Spring 2004
Open organizing/informational meeting – Sunday, February 8th @ 6 pm
The Green Cat Cafe — 1514 E. Olive Way (2/3 blocks off of Broadway,
towards downtown on Capitol Hill) Seattle
The cafe will be closed. Tea and coffee available. Meeting starts at 6pm.
Come early to chat
Contact: artofresistance@riseup.net
The Art of Resistance political artists’ conference is being organized by
artists globally who desire connection with their artistic counterparts
around the world. This conference will provide a forum to discuss
political art (history, theory, and practical application) as a viable
force for positive change. A diverse group of artists will host workshops
on everything from silkscreening and printmaking to graffiti and street
theater to alternative art spaces to race/sex/class in the (political) art
world. There will be panels of amazing speakers in addition to evening
cultural events open to the public. We will use this conference not only
as a forum for thought and discussion and education, but also as a base to
build a strong network of political artists focussed on pushing their art
into new realms of collectivity and creativity, and joining together to be
a strong presence at events taking place in 2004 including the Women’s
March in DC in April, the G8 in Georgia in June, the RNC and DNC and the
US elections this autumn. We intend to publish much of the art and writing
generated at this first conference in order to share our collected ideas
with the broadest public possible.
We are seeking all individuals interested in working on the conference
regardless of level of involvement. If you are interested in organizing,
coordinating a workshop, contributing art for fundraising efforts,
assisting with communications, promotion, web design… please contact the
conference at artofresistance@riseup.net. (Website available soon.)
Please forward this invitation as far and wide as possible. See you in
Seattle this spring.