The Arts Politic: Submissions

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Date/Time: 15/05/2009 12:00 am

The Arts Politic: Submissions
The Arts Politic is a new print-and-online magazine seeking submissions for its Summer 2009 Issue, “The Arts & The Economy.” A quorum for creative and political thinking and a stage for emerging art, The Arts Politic bridges the space between artists and policymakers to create a conversation about cultural policy, political art, and arts activism. The magazine features news briefs about recent arts policy decisions, profiles about leaders in the field (emerging and professional), scholarly articles, creative submissions (incl. visual art, poetry and prose), event listings, and reviews of arts-politics-related music, theatre, film and literature. It seeks contributions from emerging leaders in the arts, policymakers, scholars, professors, activists, and artists.
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The Arts Politic
a stage for creative/political thinking

The Arts Politic

The Arts Politic is a print-and-online magazine dedicated to solving problems at the intersection of arts and politics. Cultural policy, arts activism, political
art, the creative economy — The Arts Politic creates a conversation amongst leaders and idea-makers along the pendulum of global civic responsibility. A
quorum for creative and political thinking and a stage for emerging art, The Arts Politic will TAP your ideas from the frontlines to get things done.
Our audience.
Each issue will be tied together by a theme so that policymakers, artists, intellectuals, and consumers can engage intelligently with the world of arts and politics. The inaugural Summer 2009 issue will focus on “The Arts & The Economy,” with sensitivity paid to the depth and breadth of this intersection.
Our contributors.
The Arts Politic is currently accepting submissions for its first issue (Summer: June 2009)! If you are an emerging or professional leader in the arts, a policymaker, a scholar, a professor, an artist, or a voice with a good idea, we want to hear from you!
Our submission date.
Summer Issue 2009: The Arts & The Economy
Submissions accepted April 14 – May 15, 2009
Just what is The Arts Politic looking for?
• Opinion articles about recent cultural policy, arts advocacy or arts trends.
• News briefs about recent arts policy decisions or arts/politics trends.
• Profiles of emerging leaders in the field of both arts and politics.
• Scholarly essays and abstracts that deal with arts politics.
• Creative submissions (photography, visual art, visual essays, literary essays, fiction, plays,
creative non-fiction, poetry, etc) that broach arts politics such as activist art, interventionist
art, work that touches on a social, economic or political issue, or work that deals with
cultural policy.
• Listings of upcoming events, workshops, conferences, dance/theater performances or
openings related to arts politics.
• Reviews of arts-politics-related music, dance, theater, film and literature.
Have a submission we have not thought of? That’s great!
Your ideas help us TAP all corners of the field of arts and politics. We consider each submission seriously. Please remember, however, that this is a
magazine interested in solving problems at the intersection of arts and politics, so TAP into what makes your idea, your art, your advocacy work, your political take different
from the status quo!
Just a few particulars from our Editors.
We ask politely that the following guidelines be followed when submitting work:
• Submissions must be previously unpublished (Print and Web).
• Submissions may be simultaneously submitted to other publications with the understanding
that the submission should be withdrawn if it is chosen for publication by another journal or
• Submissions must be limited to 5 submissions at any given time. Please do not submit
additional material while you have work under consideration.
• Submissions must be submitted in standard formatting. We are unable to accommodate
custom font faces and colors.
• Submissions must be limited to a maximum of 4,500 words.
• Submissions must be attached in the email as files in .DOC, or .DOC, or .PDF format only.
• Submissions should be sent with the subject line “Submission:” followed by the title of the
piece, and name of the author.
Image Submissions:
• Image submissions must be received in .JPG, .JPEG, or .GIF format.
• Image submissions must be no larger than 10MB file size.
Please note, due to the format of our publication, images may be resized for publication. No additional editing of any form will be authorized without consent of the creator.
For all submissions, please note.
Full name and contact information must be provided with all submissions. Additional brief biographical information is recommended, such as school, previous work experience, and previous publications.
By submitting your work to The Arts Politic you affirm that you are the original creator/author, and retain all rights to your work. You affirm that the submitted work has not been published elsewhere in any medium (print, web, or otherwise). Upon acceptance of publication, The Arts Politic acquires rights to publish and reproduce all material submitted. All rights revert to author following publication. (We would, however, if the piece is re-published, request mention of The Arts Politic as the place of initial publication). The Arts Politic reserves the right to change any of its requirements and guidelines without notice.
Unfortunately, this is a free publication and we cannot offer compensation at this time. If you agree to the terms above, please send all submissions to submissions@theartspolitic.com
Want The Arts Politic to TAP into your other questions/comments/ideas?
Let us hear your voice! If you send an email to editors@theartspolitic.com, we will respond with a personal reply.
As always, thank you for your time, political lens, activism and art!