The Carriage House’s “Site Specific 03” (w/Jenny Polak)

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Date/Time: 12/07/2003 12:00 am

The Carriage House’s “Site Specific 03” show includes my installation SAFE
HOUSE, result of this summer’s residency there.
It is on NOW. Wednesday-Saturday 10.00-4.00, Sunday 12.00-4.00
There will be a closing July 27th 1-4 pm PLEASE COME
The other artists in the show are Kate Gilmore, Kelly Kaczynski, John
Kalymnios, William Stone and Roger Welch.
For ‘Safe House’ previously sealed spaces in the heart of the old building
have been opened up
and are presented as if discovered to have been used for many years as a
place for hiding immigrants wanted by the US
authorities and passing them along a latter-day Underground Railroad to
safety. In the context of the architectural preservation
of the Carriage House, the preservation and display of this part of its
history is not incongruous. The fiction is corroborated by
photographic evidence, and a surveillance system that allowed those in
hiding to watch the front and back of the building.
A ‘local news special’ report describes how the fugitives could come and go
unnoticed due to the high turnover of
artists-in-residence, some of whom say a few words about their willing
complicity in the scheme. A man who was one
of many from the surrounding area detained by the FBI/INS after September
11th tells his story and the Museum Director,
Mary Lou Cohalan, remains inscrutable to the end.
The Carriage House is at the Islip Art Museum, Long Island, USA
50 Irish Lane, East Islip phone 631 224 5402
and can be reached by the LIRR from Penn or Flatbush it takes 1.25 hrs
approx. It’s 1 stop after Bayshore. (beaches nearby)