The Deuce: (Nearly) 100 Years of Times Square — screening — occularis

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Date/Time: 29/02/2004 12:00 am

Ocularis, 70 North 6th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211
January 28, 2004
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The Deuce: (Nearly) 100 Years of Times Square
February 29, 2004 at 7pm – $6
A program of film and video documenting the
neighborhood from 1905 to the present, at Ocularis on
Sunday February 29th. “If 42nd Street is near, can
heaven be far?” – Ken Jacobs.
It can be agreed that Times Square is not what it used
to be, but has it ever been what it was? Most
attention is paid from the transformation from the
gritty Deuce of the 70ís to the Guiliani/Disney
version that exists today, but the history of 42nd
Street has always been one of change. In her essay
Times Capsule, Maitland McDonough writes ìIn the
1930s, the wet blankets mourned the legitimate
theaters, degraded into movie houses. In the ’40s,
they yearned for the burlesque venues Mayor Fiorello
La Guardia shut down. In the ’50s, they remembered the
honky-tonk vibrancy of the war years; in the ’60s,
they lamented the creeping crud gradually replacing
the street’s friendly seediness. In the ’70s it was a
24-hour carnival of vice that made the ’60s look
quaintly gritty. In the ’80s, the bygone era of
freewheeling sleaze took on a nostalgic glow. And by
the ’90s, the real rain had come: Theater after
theater sat emptyÖî.
This program invokes the evolving era of grindhouses
and sex shows, filth and street trash from the 60ís to
the 80ís with well-known classics, as well as footage
shot at the turn of the century and mid-fifties. The
film also includes animation from the eighties and
computer graphics from 2003. Personal documentary,
experimental film and video work invoking Times Square
and examining the most recent change of the
neighborhood concludes the show.
Work includes: Panorama from Times Building, New York,
Wallace McCutcheon, 1905, 3min., Night Crawlers, Peter
E. Goldman, 1964, 4min., Square Times, Rudy
Burckhardt, 1967, 6:30min., Sodom and Gomorrah, NY,
10036, Rudy Burckhardt, 1976, 6:30min., Time Squared,
Branda Miller, 1988, 6:30min., Goodbye 42nd Street,
Richard Kern, 1983, 4min., Jazz of Lights, Ian Hugo,
1954, 16min., Times Square, Muriel Magenta, 2002,
4min., Maria Movie, Jeanne Liotta, 2001, 8min., Times
Square, Jules Engel, 1988, 4min., Doiní Time in Times
Square, Charlie Ahearn, 1991, 39min., Times Square
Camera Rolls, Peter Hutton, 1992, 6 min.
Programmed by Jake Perlin. Introduced by Charlie
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