The Imagine Festival of Arts Issues and Ideas

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Date/Time: 28/08/2004 12:00 am

The Imagine Festival of Arts Issues and Ideas
NYC’s Cultural Response to the RNC
August 28 – September 2
200 issue-based cultural events, 70 venues, 6 issues, 6 days, one community
For the past six months the media has been dominated by stories about the
struggle to obtain a permit for a protest in Central Park. But New York’s
response to the Republican Convention is much more than that. What has
been going on over the past year, as our city has prepared for the historic
week to come, is not only about the battle for Central Park; This is a
battle for America’s future.
In the past year thousands of artists (yes, thousands) have been working to
create a diverse and penetrating cultural response to the RNC. This is the
Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues & Ideas. In over 70 venues across the
city, Imagine will present a broad coalition of artists in programs that
focus on the most difficult issues of the day. In over 200 events
Musicians, Authors, Filmmakers, Poets, Painters, Sculptors and more will
tackle the tough issues – Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Expression, Health,
Education, Housing, Jobs…the list goes on. Some of these artists are
household names, some are people with international reputations, some live
much closer to the cutting edge, all are part of the most vibrant,
passionate, insightful creative community in America.
The Imagine Festival coalition invites you to come out of your homes, to
celebrate the phenomenal tenacity of this great city, and check out
programs that are challenging, inspiring, and necessary in theses difficult
days. Go to the website, http://www.imagine04.org, and see what happens
when New Yorkers make a stand for the future.
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