The Reality of War

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Date/Time: 01/06/2005 12:00 am

3rdI NY, Deep Dish TV, & The Brecht Forum present
THE REALITY OF WAR: Screenings & Discussion
When: Wed., June 1st, 7:30pm
Where: Brecht Forum, 451 West Street (aka the West Side Highway) between
Bank & Bethune Streets (A,C,E, 1,2,3,9 to 14th Street)
How Much: $5-10 Suggested Donation (Additional donations would be
appreciated for funding final WTI session in Istanbul June 23rd-25th.)
Deep Dish TV presents a special screening of  “The World Tribunal on Iraq”
(the finale to the award-winning “Shocking & Awful” series) & its latest
documentary “Fallujah”, two documentaries focusing on the devastation
unleashed by the U.S. upon Iraq as a result of endless war, and its
consequences, not only for Iraqi-citizens but for an occupying force as well
as the neo-cons in power that led our troops down a path of “gun
After the screenings, producers Alpa Patel & Brandon Jourdan as well as
World Tribunal on Iraq organizers will discuss the latest crisis in Iraq as
well as the upcoming final WTI session in Istanbul, which will include
participants such as acclaimed author Arundhati Roy. (Go to
www.worldtribunal.org for more information.)
FALLUJAH (2005, 28 min.)
Fallujah is the latest film from Brandon Jourdan (Deep Dish TV, NYC
Indymedia) and Jacque Soohen (Big Noise Films).   It uses never-before seen
footage of the violent US assault on the small Iraqi city during
November.  The footage used was shot almost entirely by the Iraqi people
and shows a very different perspective of the attack than offered in US
media. Fallujah is an ambitious attempt to show the history of a city and
its destruction.   
The whole world is watching, and the whole world is judging as well. The WTI
documentary brings testimony from the New York Tribunal on Iraq,
part of a world-wide series of hearings that will conclude in Istanbul on
June 23rd-25th. With a Court TV-esqe spin and a little DragNet spoof thrown
in, producer & editor Alpa Patel creates an informative and engaging view of
the World Tribunal. Check out 30 sec. trailer at:
Participants include: Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW; Roger Normand, the Center for
Economic & Social Rights; Jennifer Ridha, an Iraqi-American attorney;Dr.
Gert van Moorter, Medical Aid For The Third World; Mike Hoffman, Iraq
Veterans Against the War; Eve Ensler, author of the Vagina Monologues;
Dennis Brutus, anti-apartheid activist; Sinan Antoon, Iraqi-American poet,
and many others.
Since graduating from Columbia University in 2000, Alpa Patel has been a
multi-media video activist, working at Democracy Now!, a national radio & TV
news show (www.democracynow.org), and is currently a producer for Deep Dish
Television.  She has been a radio guest on Pacifica network stations WBAI
and KPFK as well as on Air America(The Laura Flanders Show).  Her other
interests include a comics strips, Patel Factor Comics, with titles such as
“If I Was A NYPD Cop,” (which she turned into an animation video) and “The
Indian Wedding.”
Brandon is an independent filmmaker, journalist, and writer. He was a
coordinating producer and editor on Deep Dish’s award-winning Shocking and
Awful series, which has played at the Museum of Modern Art in January of
2005.  He is a founder of the North Carolina Independent Media Center and
has worked over the last year with the NYC Indymedia Video Team on a
half-hour weekly television show entitled Blacked-Out Media. He has
contributed to Democracy Now!, Now with Bill Moyers, Free Speech Television,
the INN World Report, and to Amnesty International video projects.  He was a
media coordinator with the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine
during June and July of 2002. While in North Carolina, he worked with
Academy-Award winning director Barbara Trent on two Empowerment Project
3rd I New York events are made possible in part through public funds
>From The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the Fund for
Creative Communities/New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization
Program administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
PLEASE VISIT: www.thirdi.org/~ny for more info