‘This is Forever': Creating Communities of Care and Movements of Self-Reproduction

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Date/Time: 03/03/2009 12:00 am

‘This is Forever': Creating Communities of Care and Movements of Self-Reproduction
with Silvia Federici & Kevin Van Meter
Tuesday, March 3rd 2009
7pm at Bluestockings Book, Fair Trade Café & Activist Resource Center
174 Allen St. LES ~ www.bluestockings.com
$5 Suggested Donation for Bluestockings, No one turned away for lack of funds.
Join the Bluestockings and the Team Colors Collective for a discussion and presentation on the current crisis of care, “creating communities of care and movements of self-reproduction”.
The event will begin with substantive presentations from Kevin Van Meter, of the research collective Team Colors & Portland, OR based Dicentra Collective, and Silvia Federici of the Midnight Notes Collective, who has for the past three decades been involved in radical struggles against capital and research into the working class, women and reproductive labor. A discussion will follow the presentations, with the intent of intertwining projects and narratives for the audiences’ own lives into the event.
Some of the questions to be discussed are:
How does the current economic crisis and the crisis of care (care giving, care work, the care industry) disproportionately affect women, both in the United States and in the global south? What does the crisis and the crisis of care mean for the movement against capital and the state. What struggles are taking place during this crisis around care – as well as before it erupted – that we can “read”, draw from, amplify and connect with toward a new world?
Can radical movements respond to personal crises and can they provide personal care? Moving beyond politics as a set of issues and positions, let’s consider what radical projects can do to address physical illness and chronic pain, mental illness, intimate violence, trauma and grief, and other experiences and realities.
Speakers Biographies:
Silvia Federici is a scholar, teacher and activist with roots in the Italian women’s liberation movement. Federici the co-founder (with George Caffentzis) of the Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa, a member of the Midnight Notes Collective, a radical group that studies global political economy, and author of author of Caliban and the Witch, a groundbreaking study of the role of women’s oppression in the creation of capitalism. Federici is currently focusing inward, examining the role of caretakers within contemporary capitalism. Silvia’s current undertaking focuses on personal stories and individual struggles – exploring what it is means for women to act as caretakers. She discusses the intersection of personal experiences and global structures of power. In this way, Federici is an important and holistic theorist – synthesizing the personal with the political. Midnight Notes Collective: www.midnightnotes.org
Kevin Van Meter is a community organizer and researcher (focusing on everyday resistance) originally from Long Island and a member of the militant research collective Team Colors. Van Meter appears, along with Benjamin Holtzman and Craig Hughes, in the AK Press collection Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigation // Collective Theorization, with an article titled “DIY and the Movement Beyond Capitalism”; an excerpt from his article “The Moment I Cannot Escape: Care, Death, Mourning and the Struggle Against It All” is published in the recent zine collection “The Worst. Currently based in Portland, OR Van Meter works with the Dicentra Collective toward their goal of “creating radical communities of care”. Team Colors: www.warmachines.info; Dicentra Collective: www.dicentracollective.org

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