Threeing Workshop

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Date/Time: 04/06/2005 12:00 am

Saturday 06.04.05 — Threeing Workshop with Sevanne Kassarjian and Paul Ryan
1. About the workshop
2. About facilitators
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Please note:
Participants must register for
this event by writing to:
info AT 16beavergroup.org.
Subject line should read “enroll”.
Enrollment is limited in number,
so we encourage people to enroll
as early as possible.
1. about the workshop
What: workshop
Where: 16Beaver, 4th floor
When: Saturday 11:00 AM – 6:00PM
Who: Free but you must enroll
Continuing with our exploration of the concept of Threeing introduced by Paul Ryan, on Saturday June 4th we have organized an open workshop with Paul and Sevanne. All participants are asked to enroll via email by writing to info AT 16beavergroup.org.
Threeing is a way of being with two others. Threeing is a formal collaborative process in which two against one dynamics are precluded. Threeing is a yoga of relationships for three people. Participants take turns playing three roles: initiator, respondent and mediator. The initiator works in firstness, being such as she/he is regardless of any other. The respondent works in secondness, reacting to the initiator without rhyme or reason. The mediator works in thirdness, finding patterns that mediate the interaction between the initiator and the respondent.
Workshop participants will use Threeing to create drawings, paintings, sculptures and tell stories. Participants will also practice Threeing as an end in itself, as a practice that formalizes and enriches three-person relationships for their own sake. At the end of the workshop, participant will discuss how they might incorporate Threeing into their own work and their own lives.
2. about workshop facilitators
Sevanne Kassarjian is a professional actress based in New York City, who performs on stage and screen all over the country. She has a B.A. in theatre from Brown University and a M.F.A. from the University of California, San Diego. Teaching acting and improvisation, when schedules allow, Sevanne has coached City at Peace productions with her husband, Paul Griffin, for the last seven years and led workshops on lifelong learning with her mother, Mary Catherine Bateson, for over a decade.
A founding member of the pioneering media collective Raindance, Paul Ryan was also a theroetician of the early video movement in the 1970s. Paul Ryan’s video art work has been presented in Japan, Turkey, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Equador and throughout the United States including The American Century Show at the Whitney Museum and the Primitivism Show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Based on extensive experimentation with video feedback in small groups, Paul Ryan invented Threeing and has conducted numerous Threeing workshops. He studied with both Marshall McLuhan and Gregory Bateson. He authored Cybernetics of the Sacred and Video Mind, Earth Mind. Mr. Ryan is a member of the Core Faculty in Graduate Media Studies at the New School.
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