Triple Candie — protest + rally + benefit

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Date/Time: 27/05/2003 12:00 am

Rally for Triple Candie
Triple Candie, a non-profit space at 461 West 126th St, Harlem..is having a anti-war protest rally and benefit that consists in the making of an artwork/sign….content can be the radical.politcal.didactic..whatever you want to say!!
The signs can be no larger than 24″ x 36″..and can be made of any material ,they have to be attached to a stick as one would do a “protest sighs”…..auctions, and other events will all be a part of the this “Rally For Triple Candy”….
If you have any questions contact me Nadine Robinson at 718-599-2552..or for more information contact Shelly Bancroft at Triple Candie at 212-865-0753 or be email at triplecandie@aol.com..
****the artwork/signs can be droped-off Monday May 26th, 12-6pm or Tues , May 27, 9am-6pm…..attach your name, phone and email to each sign….

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