Troops Out Now — Wall Street

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Date/Time: 01/12/2005 12:00 am

*//*TroopsOutNow.org *Shut Down Wall
Street!*Dec 1 Shut the War Down!
*2-6 PM
* *DONATE* * *to help build a
movement against war & racism
*Opposition the war is growing.
On December 1, help push forward to a new phase of the antiwar struggle.*
*It is time to shut down Wall Street, headquarters of the corporate
warmongers. *More than 100,000 Iraqi people and 2,100 U.S. soldiers
have died as a result of a bipartisan policy of war and greed.
Politicians will not stop the war–only a massive people’s movement will
bring the troops home.
Let’s observe December 1, the 50th anniversary of the day that Rosa
Parks refused to give up her seat and helped launch the modern Civil
Rights struggle, to launch a national movement against poverty, racism,
and war.
Across the U.S. from Washington, DC to San Francisco, California antiwar
activists, Civil Rights leaders, trade unionists, and community
organizers will take to the streets on December 1 to truly honor Rosa
Parks by continuing the struggle. In New York, people are coming from
all over the region–some are walking out of school, others are leaving
work early–to mass on Wall Street.
It’s time to move from protest to resistance, to say, “Troops Home Now,
or we’ll shut it down!” *Let’s begin by shutting down Wall Street on
December 1–no business as usual. * We need you to come,. to bring your
friends, classmates, and co-workers to demand:
* Bring the Troops Home Now
Cut the War Budget, Not Healthcare, Housing and Education
Justice for Hurricane Katrina Survivors
Military recruiters out of our schools.
Jobs – A Living Wage – the Right to Organize
**Schedule of Events for December 1*
9:30 am – Student Walkout, gathering on the corner of 19th St. & 8th Ave
before marching to Union Square.
11:30 am – Youth rally at Union Square (North Side of Union Square),
with speakers and live music
*2:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Rally on Wall Street Against Poverty, Racism, and
War. (Wall St. and Broadway). *
6:00 pm – March to Thomas Paine Square
* *ENDORSE* the December 1
Rosa Parks Anniversary National Day of Absence Against Poverty, Racism,
and War
* *VIEW* initiators and
* *DOWNLOAD* national flyer
and local flyers for New York March on Wall St and demos in Baltimore,
Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and
Washington, DC!
* *VIEW* list of Rosa Parks
Day ACTIVITIES around the country
* *LIST* your local activity
* *VOLUNTEER* to help build
the Day of Absence
* *DONATE* * *to help build a
movement against war & racism
*Troops Out Now Coalition*