Tuesday 07.06.10 — Art, Criticism, and Its Markets — Reading Group

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Date/Time: 06/07/2010 12:00 am

Tuesday 07.06.10 — Art, Criticism, and Its Markets — Reading Group
1. About this Tuesday
2. Week 3 Readings
3. Week 2 Readings
1. About this Tuesday
What: Reading Discussion
Where: 16Beaver Street, 4th Floor
When: Tuesday 07.06.10 at 7:15 pm
Who: Free and open to all
This will be the fourth reading group in the series.
Zac And Anastasiya have written the following note for Week 3:
We will continue with our reading group this Tuesday (7:15 pm) – moving on to the third chapter of Isabelle Graw’s “High Price”.
As the reading series reach their mid-point, we would like to re-adjust our approach somewhat. We have thus far looked at a fair number of additional support texts. At this point, rather than add more, we would like to continue reading the Graw text, while keeping the earlier readings as references to return to. This strategy will also give some who have not had a chance to look at those earlier texts to familiarize themselves.
Moreover, in the past three meetings we had pleasure to have participants from very different backgrounds: artists, professional and aspiring critics, affiliated as well as independent curators, and intellectuals of no specific ‘restricted’ commitments. While the conversation was by no means lacking in insights, in the absence of common ground among the contributors, it had the tendency to veer into too many directions at once. In an attempt to avoid this situation (which sometimes resembled a dance of very articulate blind men around an elephant), this time we would recommend “staying close to the text” (ch.3 of Graw’s book). So we kindly ask everybody to acquaint themselves with the text in advance. We would also encourage you to come with prepared questions/concerns/stakes/reasons for taking an interest in the subject to be expressed in the beginning or during our discussion of the text.
Suggested reading:
Isabelle Graw, 3rd chapter of “High Price”


2. Week 3 Readings
Isabelle Graw, 2nd chapter of “High Price”
Abstracts from Jean-Joseph Goux’s “Symbolic Economies”




Georg Simmel “The Philosophy of Money” (the link is to the entire book, feel free to find a point of interest)


Karl Marx on the Power of Money


youtube videos on the history of money

Also, here’s a link of interest, that Tom Williams was kind enough to share:


3. Week 2 Readings
The reading list for Week 2 is largely the same as week 1, we only suggested continuing with the Graw text to the end of the chapter. Moreover, we added a Hal Foster text.
For the introductory meeting we will look at the following texts:
Isabelle Graw, foreword and Chapter 1 to High Price


The Medium is the Market
Hal Foster


Michel Foucault “What is Critique?”


Dietrich Dietrichson “On (Surplus) Value in Art”


Barbara Rose “The Auction is the Action”


and view a promotional video from Artprice, a French company that
serves as the largest database of the art sales records.

Questions? Ask us