TWO talks by anarchist philosopher Todd May

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Date/Time: 29/10/2008 12:00 am

New School @narchist Reading Group and the Institute for Anarchist Studies present
TWO talks by anarchist philosopher Todd May next Wednesday and Thurs evening.
I. Wednesday, Oct 29th, 5:30pm: an informal discussion on politics, philosophy and anarchism.
65 5th Ave, meet in the Lobby
The New School
II. Thursday, Oct 30th, 6pm: Equality Among the Refugees: A Rancierean View of Montreal’s Algerian Refugee Movement
The political status and movements of refugees and sans-papiers has become a focal point for French political thought. Alain Badiou’s Organisation Politique, for instance, has coined the phrase, in regard to France’s sans-papiers, “everyone who is here is from here.” However, if we follow closely the events of 2002 and after among the Algerian refugees of Montréal, what emerges is a case study in politics as conceived by Jacques Rancière. What is attempted in this paper, as part of a larger project that will examine other contemporary political movements, is to show how a politics can look in our world, and thus to begin to efface the line that is often drawn between political theory and political activism.
room 906/913
6 East 16th Street
The New School
Todd May is a professor of philosophy at Clemson University in South Carolina. Active in political movements work on anti-racism and Palestinian rights, he has also authored numerous books on ethics, politics, and the intersections between contemporary French thought and anarchism. His works include The Political Philosophy of Poststructuralist Anarchism (1994), The Moral Theory of Poststructuralism (1995), Reconsidering Difference (1997), Our Practices, Our Selves, Or, What it Means to be Human (2001), Operation Defensive Shield (2003), Gilles Deleuze: An Introduction (2005), and The Philosophy of Foucault (2006). His latest book is The Political Thought of Jacques Rancière: Creating Equality (2008).