Wednesday 06.23.10 — Art, Criticism, and Its Markets Reading Group — Week 2

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Date/Time: 23/06/2010 12:00 am

Wednesday 06.23.10 — Art, Criticism, and Its Markets
1. About this Wednesday
2. Week 2 Readings
3. Possible Upcoming Readings
1. About this Wednesday
What: Reading Discussion
Where: 16Beaver Street, 4th Floor
When: Wednesday 06.23.10 at 7:15 pm
Who: Free and open to all
For those who are remaining in New York and are interested in the reading group around Art, Criticism, and its Markets, we decided after last week’s meeting that it will meet once again on Wednesday evening and largely focus on the readings we had assigned for last week. We would like to encourage everyone to take a look at the texts.
Zac And Anastiya have written the following note for Week 2:
We will start the second meeting with a short promotional documentary by the company Artprice. Based in Lyon France the company maintains a database of 405,000 artists and the results from 27 million auctions worldwide. The film won’t necessitate a close reading, but should offer us a romantic glimpse into the scale of a financialized, and therefore abstract, art market.
We would also like to go forward in our reading of Isabelle Graw’s “High Price: Art Between the Market and Celebrity Culture,” the first chapter, ‘The Triumphant Progress of Market Success.’ Again looking at Dietrich Dietrichson “On (Surplus) Value in Art” and a new text: Hal Foster’s “The Medium is the Market.”
In our production of labor around these texts it might be helpful to keep in mind the role our distance, as staging a conversation in an artist run space, plays by serving as an unassailable sculptural object for a utopian art separate from a currency that is capable of everything, but its own destruction.
2. Week 2 Readings
The reading list for Week 2 is largely the same, we only suggest continuing with the Graw text to the end of the chapter. Moreover, we have added a Hal Foster text.
For the introductory meeting we will look at the following texts:
Isabelle Graw, foreword and Chapter 1 to High Price


The Medium is the Market
Hal Foster


Michel Foucault “What is Critique?”


Dietrich Dietrichson “On (Surplus) Value in Art”


Barbara Rose “The Auction is the Action”


and view a promotional video from Artprice, a French company that
serves as the largest database of the art sales records.

3. Possible Upcoming Readings
We have written possible 3rd meeting reading list, because we hope the people who take part will have additional suggestions.
Jean-Joseph Goux “Figurative Standards: Gold and the Phallus” from
Symbolic Economies
Georges Bataille & numismatics (abstracts from Denis Hollier Against
Architecture: Writings of Georges Bataille)
“Art and its markets: a roundtable discussion” , Artforum, April 2008


Seth Price “Dispersion”


Pierre Bourdieu, abstracts from The Rules of Art.
“The History of Money” videos:

(possibly: Georg Simmel The Philosophy of Money)

Questions? Ask us