Whose Land Is It? with Max Rameau

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Date/Time: 18/05/2009 12:00 am

Monday, May 18
7:30 pm
Co-sponsor: Picture the Homeless
Whose Land Is It?
A Discussion with Miami’s Take Back the Land Movement on Housing, Squatting, Showdowns, & Takeovers in the Face of Economic Crisis
Max Rameau
We all know the government is bailing out banks, while many of these same
banks are ramping up foreclosures, and profiting from housing and land that
people need. Take Back the Land (takebacktheland.org) has been on the front
lines of this crisis, taking direct community action, pushing human rights
on the national agenda against corporate greed. Last month, this movement
was featured on ABC World News and Good Morning America; the New York Times wrote, “about a dozen advocacy groups around the country [are] actively moving homeless people into vacant homes — some working in secret, others, like Take Back the Land, operating openly.”
Poor and low-income people in Miami are fighting back, and others (including
Picture the Homeless right here in NYC!) are taking notice and taking
notes. Please join us for a talk and discussion with Take Back the Land
leader Max Rameau on land and housing; squatting, showdowns, and takeovers;
and local and national movement-building.
Sliding scale: $6/$10/$15
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