Monday at 16 Beaver — 08.28.00 — DUAL-USE Discussion/Conversation Series

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Some remnants:
In an effort to add some fragments from previous
meetings. We are adding short descriptions that
were sent out as emails. Before March 2001, the meetings
were shared mainly through a mailing list we maintained.
Eventhough the remnants of correspondences
from 1999-2001 are fragmentary and incomplete,
they give an idea of the kinds of meetings which
were taking place and some of the different questions
and modes involved.

Monday at 16 Beaver — 08.28.00 — DUAL-USE Discussion/Conversation Series

Monday August 28. 2000, 8:00pm
16 Beaver Street
Financial District

Please join us for a discussion/conversation with
Doug Ashford from Group Material. Our conversation
will focus on the 1983-84 Artists Call Against U.S.
Intervention in Central America and issues of
collective, politically engaged artistic practice.

Counting with the participation of over 1100 artists,
over 30 galleries and performance spaces in NYC and
events covering 20 cities in the country,
Artists Call set an unprecedented example of
broad-based artistic coalition and cultural activism
against U.S. foreign policy.

Group Material’s 1984 project is presently exhibited
at PS1 Contemporary Art Center.
For more comprehensive information about Artists Call

“Art Against Intervention”, Art in America, May 1984,
“No Exile”, High Performance, vol.7 #1, 1984
Art and Artists 13 #4

The primary purpose of DUAL-USE is to raise
consciousness about the deadly impact of the UN
Sanctions against Iraq- within our own smaller
communities of artists and cultural workers as well as
within the larger and more “public” communities. It is
our intention, as artists, to contribute and
participate in the political agitation around this
issue — both by circulating information through our
actions, lectures and discussions, exhibitions, and
events, and by initiating actions and open-calls,
thereby providing a forum that encourages people to
get involved in fighting the sanctions.

please visit our web-site at