Monday at 16 Beaver — 09.18.00 — Group Meeting

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Some remnants:
In an effort to add some fragments from previous
meetings. We are adding short descriptions that
were sent out as emails. Before March 2001, the meetings
were shared mainly through a mailing list we maintained.
Eventhough the remnants of correspondences
from 1999-2001 are fragmentary and incomplete,
they give an idea of the kinds of meetings which
were taking place and some of the different questions
and modes involved.

Monday at 16 Beaver — 09.18.00 — Group Meeting

To those interested in contributing to the topics, conversations, and forms that our Monday group takes, please make sure to attend our meeting tonight. The meeting begins at 8pm. We will be discussing the directions we are interested in going this upcoming year.

If you are unable to make it, but have suggestions, you can also send e-mails.
If you are interested in sharing your own work, sound, text, image, action, performance, film, just write to our email address or attend the meeting tonight.