Monday at 16 Beaver — 09.30.00 — Reading Edward Said : Toward Palestinian Self-Determination

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Some remnants:
In an effort to add some fragments from previous
meetings. We are adding short descriptions that
were sent out as emails. Before March 2001, the meetings
were shared mainly through a mailing list we maintained.
Eventhough the remnants of correspondences
from 1999-2001 are fragmentary and incomplete,
they give an idea of the kinds of meetings which
were taking place and some of the different questions
and modes involved.

Monday at 16 Beaver — 09.30.00 — Reading Edward Said : Toward Palestinian Self-Determination

This Monday at 16 Beaver, we will be continuing the conversation we started with Michael Rakowitz. There is a lot of material, so do not be overwhelmed, we will spread this over two weeks. And our efforts will go toward seeing some of the links between these readings and works we have seen (if there are connections). The readings and the shows were suggested by Michael so in essence, this is in many ways a continuation of his presentation (although the responsibility for continuing the discussion will now fall on all of our shoulders).

Here is a list of how you can prepare for the upcoming Monday.

Shows which will be discussed:
The group show at White Columns: to find out more about the show visit (http://www.whitecolumns.org/)
Grady’s show at the Drawing Center
The group show “Trajectories” at Smack Mellon Studios in Dumbo, (http://www.smackmellon.org/)

Two readings:
Edward Said: Toward Palestinian Self-Determination (this reading is attached)
Deleuze and Guattari : Treatise on Nomadology – The War Machine (forthcoming)

The Deleuze and Guattari text is forthcoming in another e-mail /fax. The essay can be found sold on its own at St. Marks Bookshop for about 8 dollars, or as a part of .. a thousand plateaus for about 18.

For Mondays we often like to distribute work, notes, readings to accompany presentations. In these cases we use this messenger as a simple and cost efficient way of distributing the materials. The download is short (it is a small program) and quite simple to use. It allows you to read digital faxes (and of course to print them). When you follow the link below, please make sure to download the correct viewer. There is one for Windows and one for Mac. The one for Mac will take a bit longer to download. Here is the link:

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Meeting 9/18 recap

Date: 9/30/00

Dear 16 Beaver,

Last Monday (Sept. 18), our conversation explored possible directions for the
reading group. One focus was greater involvement by group members. If
interested, one could schedule several consecutive Mondays devoted to a
specific topic. Rene pointed out the importance of leaving some Mondays
open, thus allowing the group to take advantage of spontaneous

Regarding the presentation of work: perhaps it would be helpful to
provide the group with a text related [directly or indirectly] to the
presenter’s art, this could yield another point of access to the discussion.
Rene mentioned if a text were given to him early enough, it would be no
problem to broadcast it to everyone. In a discussion about the mission of
the group, Paige reiterated its importance as a platform; we also discussed
issues of community building and the possibility of revisiting some of last
year’s queries including non-oppositional ways of communicating and the
impacts of “free market” ideologies on artmaking, among others.
It was suggested that convening [at least] one day a month on a night
other than Monday would accomodate members who are unable to attend Monday
meetings. Also, we may venture into the field to attend performances or
exhibitions with concomitant study of a related text.
With the momentum of the fall season, this seems an excellent
opportunity to reinvent ourselves…

See you Monday,