Monday at 16 Beaver — 10.05.00 — Reading Deleuze and Guattari’s: Treatise on Nomadology – The War Machine

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Some remnants:
In an effort to add some fragments from previous
meetings. We are adding short descriptions that
were sent out as emails. Before March 2001, the meetings
were shared mainly through a mailing list we maintained.
Eventhough the remnants of correspondences
from 1999-2001 are fragmentary and incomplete,
they give an idea of the kinds of meetings which
were taking place and some of the different questions
and modes involved.

Monday at 16 Beaver — 10.05.00 — Reading┬áDeleuze and Guattari’s: Treatise on Nomadology – The War Machine

Attached Reading:
Deleuze and Guattari: Treatise on Nomadology – The War Machine

This Monday at 16 Beaver, we will be continuing the conversation we started with Michael Rakowitz and have enjoyed over the course of two weeks. If you have not had a chance to make it, please feel free to join this week as we discuss some of the points raised in this “Treatise” along with the general questions raised in the 3 shows we included last week. The image/concept of the Nomad has been raised, used, abused, misused in a lot of contemporary thought, taking this text as a starting point, we will examine the issue further.

This is the first 20 pages of the reading, we will be forwarding part two in the next e-mail. The Deleuze and Guattari essay can also be found sold on its own at St. Marks Bookshop for about 8 dollars, or as a part of .. a thousand plateaus for about 18.

The 3 Shows Included in our Discussion
*The group show at White Columns: to find out more about the show visit (http://www.whitecolumns.org/)
*The group show including Grady’s work at the Drawing Center
*The group show “Trajectories” at Smack Mellon Studios in Dumbo, (http://www.smackmellon.org/)

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