Monday — 10.16.2000 at 16 Beaver

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Some remnants:
In an effort to add some fragments from previous
meetings. We are adding short descriptions that
were sent out as emails. Before March 2001, the meetings
were shared mainly through a mailing list we maintained.
Eventhough the remnants of correspondences
from 1999-2001 are fragmentary and incomplete,
they give an idea of the kinds of meetings which
were taking place and some of the different questions
and modes involved.

Monday — 10.16.2000 at 16 Beaver

Hi all,

Just a reminder that tonight we will be focusing our discussion of the responses to the recent violence in Israel/Palestine. If you have an interest in participating in a conversation about this situation, please feel free to come and invite a friend.

Also, if there are any texts that you have read that present an interesting view or position or reveal interesting insights, please bring them to the meeting.

We will attempt to begin precisely at 8 so please make an effort to arrive by 7:45.