Reading Group 08.19.02 — 9.11 Series / RadioActive Series — RadioActive

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Reading Group 08.19.02 — 9.11 Series / RadioActive Series — RadioActive
1. About this Monday
2. About 9-11 Series
1. About this Monday
Program: Artistalk — Radio Version
A talk show discussion that will be recorded and included in an
upcoming project being presented at White Box from Sept.11-18.
Please forward to friends who might be interested.
When: 7pm
Where: 16Beaver Street, 5th floor
Detailed Description:
This Monday we will conclude this year’s 9.11 series the same
way we started it. With a discussion and an open invitation to
all who are interested.
Only the format for this week’s discussion will be a radio talk show.
The recording will serve as the material for an upcoming radio
project by Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri (curated by Tanya
Leighton) which they will be presenting at White Box.
The opening for RadioActive will be September 11, 2002.
for more info on RadioActive visit:
Our first discussion in the 9.11 series began with a need to talk about
what had taken place and the responses that were already becoming
devastatingly clear.
Our last discussion in the series will begin on the other end of the
spectrum (which is from the aversion of talking about 9.11).
The two questions we will start with will be:
0. What are the issues that make you/us feel an aversion to the two
words september+11
1. What questions ,concerns, ideas, have sept-11 and the uses (discursively, strategically, …) of sept-11 elicited for you?
Please come ready to discuss,
disagree, and enjoy each other’s company.
2. About the 9.11 Series
The 9.11 Series was organized to give place to a set
of discussions about the events that were direct, … a
direct manifestation of our concerns and fears, directly
tied to the issues we were dealing with before and after
the event.
In fairness, much of our discussions were directed towards
the responses and readings of the events, often with a critical
They started with our first Monday after the event, and
continued inbetween our other programs for nearly a year.
As this series transforms into something new, we have listed
some highlights from the series.
09.17.01 — 8pm @ Paige Sarlin’s (cancelled! Paige w/ flu)
09.24.01 — 8pm @ Southfirst Gallery
10.08.01 — Agamben + Said — “The Clash of Ignorance”
::::::::::: — “Sovereign Police” + “On Security and Terror”
10.22.01 — 9.11 Series — The Advent of Netwar
11.26.01 — 9.11 Series — Eqbal Ahmad on Distorted Histories
11.05.01 — 9.11 Series — Jean-Luc Nancy on War & Technology
01.14.02 — 9.11 Series — Hardt + Negri “Empire”
01.21.02 — 9.11 Series — Hannah Arendt
:::::::::: — “The Perplexities of the Rights of Man”
02.11.02 — 9.11 Series — Hardt + Negri “Empire”
02.25.02 — 9.11 Series — Spivak “Megacity”
We look forward to continuing our discussions and the
many contributions to come from the 16Beaver community.
This was the original description of the Series:
The recent attacks on 9.11 and the global response to them have
caused a tremendous upheavel in ___________________ . The
impacts, the responses, and counter-responses to those attacks
will set the course for what is coming, on the way, already here.
As Bush, Blair and other “world leaders” scramble to stir and sway
the realignments in the global puzzle; the many implications those
responses will have to the every day life of millions of citizens (and
non-citizens) throughout the world remains to be seen/examined.
Since its inception, the Reading Group has been organizing discussions,
events, presentations, readings, panels, and screenings that have at
times directly or indirectly touched on timely or pertinent political/
cultural matters/events. In this Series, an individual or a group
of individuals will be invited to choose a text, a series of texts, or organize
another sort of event to address, consider, or deal with a specific set of
questions that have been raised around the 9.11 attacks and the
innumerous responses that have and will follow.